Public sex


Public sex at a swing meet and greet with a man from the crowd I had just met. And yet no one else existed, my world had narrowed to this one stunningly masculine man. I barely knew him . . .

His mouth caressed kisses over my eyes, my cheekbone, my ear, over to my mouth. His tongue traced my lips, teasingly. He kissed me over and over devouring my mouth.

What I was experiencing at his hands felt so wickedly sinful. His cock was furious, and I needed to feel him. I turned and straddled him right there.

I rode him, his hands forcing me the way he wanted me to move. The way he knew I needed. My breasts pressed against his furry chest, nipples rubbing with every movement of my body.

I couldn’t stop moving during our public sex.

Grinding down on him, in tight circles, riding him cowgirl. It felt dreadfully glorious. I lost myself in the feverish desire. The feeling was stupendous. I was terrified I would never get enough.

With no thought to resist, I felt his cock swelled, stretching, burning the tight muscles of my pussy, and I couldn’t think straight. I let him take me.

Throwing my head back, rising and sinking on him grinding down. I didn’t want it to ever end. Pleasure spiked through me like an ice comet streaking across the sky. Instantly overwhelmed by a pure perfection of pleasure.

He moved then, tipping me back so that he was over me, my legs are on each side of his hips. I was spread wide for him.

He was exquisitely gentle as his cock moved in and out of me. Going deep, over and over, set us both to a slower burn of passion.

“I need more!” Gasping in plea

I felt helpless under him. Dragging my hands down his back to his ass, digging her fingers. I was desperate. Trying to force him to go in deeper, faster, harder.

Sliding my legs around him. I hooked my feet and ankles. Forcing his cock even deeper.

His smile was unadulterated smugness down at her. “NO! Slow. You’ll love this.”

I was so close. Like the force of a gathering storm. Every muscle was so tight my entire body trembled. The tension coiled tighter and tighter until I screamed and clawed at him for more.

Still, looking up at him, at his face, the strength of my orgasm shook me. Fire blazed throughout me. His hips clasped by mine, his cock a wet silk-covered steel rod, pistoling, as it stretched me. Held tight in my pussy until I could feel every breath and beat of his heart right through his cock’s shaft. He was wreaking havoc throughout me, scaring me.

He kept kissing me until I couldn’t think. His body was still in mine, as he lay over me, so intimately, he pulled his hips back. I panted clawing at him, trying to pull him closer.

He slammed back in.

The power took my breath, a burst of pleasure overwhelmed my mind. He knelt up, his cock shifting, my pussy clamped down hard around his cock. The friction was incredible, taking away my ability to think about public sex. I could only feel during that forbidden sex encounter.

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