public sex with Simone

This Submissive Playful Kitten Girl Friend Simone makes just a regular shopping trip a sexual adventure… I remember… The sunlight reflected off the white walls, making the water drops sparkle like jewels caressing Simone’s breasts. Her blonde hair seemed brighter certainly her smile is. Hours of seriously fun shopping on Bath House Row in downtown Hot Springs was fun but exhausting. We dropped the bags of goodies we had bought off at the hotel. Then went to the Quapaw bathhouse to soak the aches away before going to the Hot Water Hills Music Festival. 6 small pools in a large sun-filled room, each varying in temperature LOL perfect for some sensual fun… LOL and public sex with Simone, LOL well not that either of us phonesex operator had it PLANNED LOL.

There were 2 couples in another pool opposite us from the one we chose. Of course, I was not happy about keeping the bathing suits on but Simone was determined to cheer me up. Before long we were side by side. Caressing each other’s bodies LOL, I guess we were not as discrete as we thought we were being because she caught my eye and nodded to the others. LOL, they were all staring at us. LOL,

I could not help myself.

I pulled Simone’s face to mine and kissed her deeply. We pulled away from each other fully aroused LOL and amused. The ladies in the other pool were in a huff making the guys leave. LOL Simone that mischievous sprite did not help the lady’s temper when slid her hand under my top pinching my nipples. She stared down the prissy ladies as I started to burn. I leaned into her body. She slid her hand down to the crease of my thighs.

My pussy was on fire. I needed to cum. Her fingers began to dance on my clit. My passion exploded for her. My cries echoing on the bare walls mixed with her laughter. I went a bit mad. Twisting my body to take her into my arms I held her close as my hands roamed her body.

Lost in lust my lips were everywhere,

on her lips, her neck the swell of her breast. I took one nipple between my teeth through the material of her suit. My tongue almost slapping it around as I shook and pulled my head. My fingers digging for her clit found the edge of her suit. I reached my hand under and cupped her beautiful pussy. Squeezing her swollen pussy lips tight together messaging that pleasure button.

I was building her orgasm massaging her pussy. My fingers spread her lips apart to find that sensitive nub when a handsome businessman type walked in. He was about to descend into a vacant tub when I decided to ask him to join us.

“Hey honey you can join us… LOL if you can stand the heat…”

He watched as Simone orgasmed again and realized our entwined bodies were an invitation to more than just the pool. Looking around he saw that all the pools were empty. He a slow grin spread on his face bearing white teeth in his dark face…

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