My name is Dawn and I am a Kitten, a submissive playful kitten girlfriend.

I love phone sex. I am a rare type of adult; one that’s  not really a full grown adult no matter what my age. I embrace the little girl in me. I am a type of submissive but even in that in not average. Technically I fall under the Daddy Dom/Little Girl type of D/s, but I don’t like pain or real bondage. I will not be dominated by a master. Like all cats never try to physically restrain me.

I’m a Submissive Playful Kitten Girl Friend. Just like a kitten, I want to be held, snuggled, petted, and I LOVE to be played with in many ways. I require an owner. If he doesn’t give me the attention I want, I will pounce on him until he does; even if I have to bite or scratch BUT only when I WANT him to. I love to rub my body along his. I have an oral fixation making me want to lick every inch of my owner, tasting his every scented part, taking him into my mouth and suckling until the milk of his lust feeds me, then cleaning him, preferably multiple times a day.

A gentleman that makes me want to come to him, belong to him.

A strong Gentle Dom that can grab me by the neck with aggressive passion making me feel weak and fragile. Every stroke of his finger sizzles throughout my body, a caress focuses the electricity into my nipples and clit setting my body ablaze with desire while causing my pussy to swell and weep flooding juices.

He forces me to do what he wants by making his will orgasmic for me. A passionate man that pleases me so well so often that I choose to put his pleasure above my own. Lol, and when I’ve been bratty he punishes me by forcing me to cum over and over, forcing me to experience pleasure, where I have no control until he decides that I have learned my lesson. He will not stop until I have soaked the bed in fluids from my cunt. My gentle Dom restrains me with his displeasure alone but will play games with my body for both our pleasure. My favorites are impact and texture play and girl, girl, male 3somes. I love being a Submissive Playful Kitten Girl Friend for my beloved gentle Dom. Especially when is willing to he is willing to do a Forced sex gang bang like… LOL but that is another story.

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