Sex at Renaissance Fair | Sorcerer’s Staff


At every Ren Fair I go to there are vendors for every medieval craft imaginable. And it is not unusual for me to have Sex at Renaissance Fair. One of my favorite times was the first day of the fair and there was a vendor with a tent full of woodcraft. The Proprietor was a sorcerer.

Long silver curls would make you think he was a seriously older man. But if you ignored the color of his hair, you would see a mature man anywhere from his late-20s to maybe as old as his mid-40s. It did not matter to me, what mattered to me was that my entire being was awakened by the sight of him.

I found out later that he was MUCH older. But his blue eyes sparkled with mischief. And I swear you could see just how viral and powerful he was.

Dress in a Long cape, hood pushed back to his shoulders, belted with doubled braided leather, holding a staff of polished wood. He was talking with a guy buying something and only glanced up at me then back at the guy.

I honestly do not know what it was. But something about him drew me like a magnet to a load stone.

I could not take my eyes off him as I walked up to his tent. Slipping inside I went towards the back of the tent never taking my eyes off him.

I will be honest; I could feel my feminine juices start to bead on my pussy lips. In just a few feet from first noticing him to where I stood my thighs were already getting slick with my arousal. This is not how my sex at renaissance fair usually goes.

It was as if I was under a spell of lust and anticipation.

Forcing myself to look away I gasp and I really SAW where I was. My breathing got shallow. My pulse picked up speed and I could feel a flush of heat flood over my body. I was shocked, surrounded by woodworkings in just about every small easily carriable type. Small chests, plagues, wands, and staffs, all with exquisite detailing.

My sex clenched as I absorbed how exquisitely controlling the hands that made them had to be. These objects were each a work of art by a master artisan. Whether inlaid with metals or jewels or even carvings each had a beauty that was all it’s own. And should be displayed like the treasured art they are.

My hands ached to touch one even as I forced myself NOT to look up. The voices had stopped. Picking one intricate carved but hollow ball up I tried to study it.

I was very aware of my heartbeat which I could feel in my clit,

as I tried to puzzle out what was going on and why. The shadows in the tent shifted as he stepped in the tent.

“You have the touch of a Sorcerer to be able to create these items,” I spoke with a husky whisper.

As he stepped up to my side, his masculine scent enveloped me. “The magic is in the combination, not within me alone.”

When he spoke, my eyes locked with his and my senses were overwhelmed. I swayed into his body. Feeling his taunt muscles hiding under his robe.

My knees grew weaker. Slipping his arm around my waist he pulled my body tight. As if he could sense my weakness from hungering for him. I could feel his commanding staff hidden under his robe. Causing my passions to blaze. Putting my hands to the sides of his face

I whimpered “Please” as I begged for him to possess me.

He let me slide down his body to kneel at his feet. Public sex has ever been an added thrill for me so I pressed my face to his rod. Amazed and aroused as his rod stretched and thickened to become a Sorcerer’s Staff under the robe…

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