Oral and anal sex stories — for when your cock is so small that your ass and mouth are really all you’ve got.

Anal sex stories aside, let’s face it.  Your tiny dick couldn’t fill a thimble and yet you thought you had a shot at my pussy?  Ha!  Too funny.  Well, your eagerness got us into this mess.  Now it’s gonna get us out.  I guess I should start from the beginning.

So, I needed a ride home from the club and, sadly, you were my only option.  But you seemed to think that being allowed to take me home meant you were allowed to take me to bed because the peddle hit the floor.  Were you really surprised that we got pulled over?  The two officers who walked up to your window were not happy.  On top of that, they were thinking about making an arrest, since they considered the speeds you clocked reckless driving.  Do you know what that means?  No ride home for me.

(Sigh) As Usual, Crystal Has To Save The Day

So I lean over, flash them a smile, and reason with them.  I explain how a pathetic loser like you thought he was getting laid tonight.  Then I reach down and open your fly, revealing your wimpy little dong to these fine men in uniform.  Needless to say, it put a smile on their faces but it wasn’t enough for us to get off scot-free.

I batted my eyelashes and ask them, “Why don’t you show him what real men look like?”

They smirked, not wanting to miss a chance at showing up your weak-as-fuck package.  Did I see some drool drip from your mouth?  Cause that’s what it looked like.  You got your first face-t0-face look at real cock.  Now you get why my pussy might as well be on the moon, as far as your cock is concerned.

“Suck ’em.”

You look at me.

“You heard me.  Suck ’em.  If you don’t, you’re going downtown where you’ll be held in a cell with a bunch of other dudes until you make bail.  And I bet they’ll smell the beta slut wafting from you, baby.  You won’t stand a chance.  Your only option is to suck and fuck these guys until they forget that they saw us.”

Both officers nod and you realize that it was the only way

You gulp and then take that first salty, thick cock into your mouth while jerking off the other.  Are you sure this is your first time?  You’re aiming it at your face and everything.

“Don’t forget the back door, boys.  Prime virgin boy-pussy right there.” I said, filing my nails.

One officer smiles and grabs his radio.  “This is Tyrone off of I-95.  We’re gonna need some reinforcements…about 4 to 6 men aught to do it.”

Your eyes widen. 4-6?  You’ve never even had one back there!  Well, there’s a first time for everything.  This wouldn’t be one of many anal sex stories if no one got to break in that tight little ass.  Sissy sph cuckold phone sex calls are what I do best.  Shoot me a call and let’s see how long your mediocre ballsack lasts.