Forced Sex Stories Get Some Attention.

Forced Sex Stories; Sometimes, a man gets sick of hearing the word ‘no’. He works hard day after day only to be denied by some big bootied tease.  I totally agree.  You have been a bit of a tease lately, haven’t you?  Don’t play coy.  You’re always walking with a little shimmy like a little faggot and yet you deny being one.  A pretty boy like you should know better.  Well, now you’re finding out the hard way.

I Told You Not To Dress Like That

I know this great place that serves some awesome sausage, but it’s practically a hole in the wall.  When we go in, the patrons seem a little rough around the edges in your opinion.  These were big men.  Hardened men.  And they all seemed to have their eye on you.  You try to ignore then as you walk by the pool table in those skinny jeans.  I told you not to wear those, you little priss.  What message are you trying to send exactly?

While waiting for our grub, I decide to freshen up in the bathroom.  You started getting nervous and I tell you to nut up.  They’re just guys.  But as soon as I disappear, one approaches.  You see all of these tattoos flowing up and down his arm while your wimpy little guns are pale and soft.  He’s clearly fresh from the slammer and you feel your asshole tighten.

“You play?” He asks.

You don’t know what to say at first until you realize he’s talking about pool.  Not wanting to seem like a chump, you say yes.  The man smiles and tells you-you should take this next shot for him.


You lean over the table, trying to look like you know what you’re doing, but you end up holding that pool cue more like a cock and you stick your ass out like you’re fucking asking for it.  I come walking out of the bathroom, only to see you like that and turn my ass around.  Do you realize how badly your ass was asking for it?  All you had to do was wear normal pants and not be a bitch.  Now, you were literally bending over a pool table, gripping that cue like a dick, while showing a room full of thick, hardened bulls your ‘moves’.

Let’s be honest.  How do YOU think this is going to end?  Really, there’s only one way forced sex stories can end.  If you’re a little cock tease that needs to learn the error of your ways, let’s get our phone sex on.