Sissy boy has just been fucked five, maybe six, times.

Sissy boy.  To be honest, you don’t know how many guys blew their loads in you because your face was so busy being fucked as well.  But, the party is over.  The stallions you only just met tonight are drained, satisfied, and gone.  And now that you’re out of your cum-crazy stupor, it’s time for your walk of shame.  You’ve got to make it from the alley where you whored yourself out to strangers all the way to your car.  Unfortunately, you don’t look the same way coming out as you did going in, do ya?

You know the poppin’ pink lipstick you wore is now smeared onto countless cocks and all over the lower half of your face.  You also smell like cum, or at least you think you do.  A few guys pulled out and came all over your pretty little face when they were done.  Now that’s all you can smell.  What you’d give for a moist towelette right about now.

Your fishnets are a little ripped but the singles and fives shoved in them were still hanging in there.  Funny.

You don’t remember asking for money.  You’re no longer as graceful in those 8 inch pumps you came down here wearing.  As you step out onto the street, you can’t help notice more than a few eyes staring at you.  Was it your hair?  Probably.  Along with a whole lot of other things.  You see an officer look at you from his cruiser, too, but you don’t need to worry about him.  You can still taste his cum load and you’re pretty sure he had a go at your ass-pussy, too.

There was also the matter of that ass full of cum you were trying desperately to hold in.  It was easy at first but now you can feel your plenty-fucked boy hole give in and start to let little bits of it drip out.  Where were your panties?  You remember coming here in these naughty little pink lace panties and now they were nowhere to be found.  Oh, yea.  In the heat of the moment, someone snatched them off of you, revealing your tiny, rock-hard, sissy, tiny cock cumming from being pounded.

You’re nearly there.  Just a few more steps and you’ll be home free.  But you feel a hand catch under your arm.

“Excuse me, miss.  Do you need a ride?”

You look up to see that same officer already back for more after cumming in you twice at least.  You smile and take him up on his offer.  So you most certainly do need another ride on some thick, hot cock.  A ride home wouldn’t be so bad either.

Phone Sex