If you like funny sex stories, I’ve got one for you.

Well actually, I have a ton of funny sex stories but the ones dealing with tiny cocks are my absolute fave!  It involved me, this thick, 11 inch symbol of male perfection, and a third wheel.  So my friend calls me up saying that she’s got a fun job for me and asks if I’m up for a threesome with two guys.  I’m like, “hell yea!” and she tells me where and when.  So I get there and everyone else is already there, including the two guys I’d be fucking.  Not bad.  Especially the slightly taller one.  I saw has his bulge from the doorway.  Man, was he packing.  I couldn’t wait to get a piece of that.  Though the other guy was nice and clearly happy to be there, there wasn’t much going on down there from what I could see.  Still, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he was one of those guys that took some work before rising for the occasion.  I could dig it.  Especially if this meant he lasted long.  Then we got naked.

Oh…my…god…Talk about underestimating the first guy and vastly OVERestimating the second.  The first guy dropped his pants and I thought he had a Smithfield Kielbasa strapped to his thigh!  Talk about a nympho’s dream!  He wasn’t even fully hard!  Then I got a look at the second guy.  Turns out that he was hard.  Hard as steel.  But if the first guy was a Kielbasa, the second guy was a cocktail weenie…the last cocktail weenie on the plate that nobody wanted.  What a er…’huge’…disappointment.  I pulled my friend to the side and asked her what the fuck this was.  She said that the ‘lil’ guy was here because of a favor she owed.  Then she asked what the big deal was.

“What’s the big deal?  Look at this!”

I immediately grabbed both cocks and held them close to each other to compare them.

“Look at this wimpy little cock.  I could recite Shakespeare with perfect diction while sucking this little pecker!  Oh but this guy…” I licked my lips as I stared as his delicious looking offering.  “Mmm can I keep him?”

“Yea, dude.  You might wanna step back a bit while the adults play.”  The guy with the huge cock teased.

“Aww, come on guys.  I…I’m not that small.”

I laughed, “Hehe, this little loser is way over his head.”

I didn’t care that my friend owed ShortyMcSmallcock a favor.  The only thing he was getting from me was a show.  And my friend wasn’t about to lose days worth of work.  The cameras were still rolling and she snapped shot after shot of me sucking, fucking, bucking on top of this monster cock.  We made shorty watch, laughing hard in between cumshots and orgasms.  The shoot turned out great, by the way.  The lonely, rigid prick in the background of each frame added some flavor.

Have any funny sex stories about your sub-par cock?  Sorry, your friend’s sub-par cock?  Let me know.  I’m always up for funny sex stories!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke