Cuckold Boyfriend Knows His Place, Doesn’t He?

Cuckold sissy, so it’s come to this.  You’re on your knees by the edge of the bed watching another man — a more endowed man — fuck your girlfriend.  You’ve got a front row seat to the wonderful view of his balls slapping against her HARD with each thrust, and you get to listen to her shout how much she’s enjoying it.

Oh, your cock is so hard!

Fuck!  It’s so deep!

She’s loving it and, as a result, so are you.

You’ve never seen her or her pussy so happy.  Every thrust brings new juices to the surface of her pussy.  She’s cum so many times, even you’ve lost count.  It’s so hard to tell when she’s coming because she’s always in the midst of passion.  Her legs are wrapped so tightly around his waist.  Her pussy is clenched so tightly around his cock.  You’re hoping some drips down onto you so you can taste a combination of her juice and his precum.  But he’s got better plans for your tongue.  The man who’s giving it to your girlfriend starts grinding into her pussy.

“Mmmm yes!  Stir my pussy up more!”

“Hey, little man.  Be useful and like my asshole while I do my thing,” he orders.

You obey.  There’s no way a cuckold like you wouldn’t.

You’ve wanted to taste him all night.  He’s a real man with a real cock that can last for hours.  Not some dollar-store squirter that can’t handle five minutes of play like yours.  Even now, with your tongue buried deep in another man’s ass, your baby-cock is at full attention.  You haven’t even touched it and you feel like you’re about to burst already.  He doesn’t even warn you when he blows.  As he drives that final thrust into your girlfriend’s perfect pussy, you just get splashed in the face with all of the excess cum shooting out.  And you gladly lick it up.  What a perfect relationship.

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