Erotic Literature About A Husband, A Wife, And a Dildo

Erotic Literature between a man and his wife just got hotter.  Imagine for a moment that you’re on a business trip and you’re missing your wife terribly.  The only time you get to hear her is during one of her nightly calls.  So you call her up and she sounds like she’s got quite the mouthful.  You ask her what she’s doing and she admits that she missed you so much that she went to that ‘toy store’ she likes and bought a new dildo with all the works because she missed you so much.  She was sucking on it now, thinking of you as she did it.  How romantic.  Of course, this erotic literature would be quite boring if that were actually true, wouldn’t it?

In reality, that’s no toy she’s sucking but the real deal.

Hubby doesn’t know this yet.  It’s not all bullshit though.  She wasn’t lying about the size of it.  It was truly as thick and fat as she described.  You could hear her stuffing “your cock” down her throat and gagging a little.  And she said said it came with a set of fleshy balls, too, that she dragged her tongue all over and in between.  She even managed to pop one in her mouth.

“Wow, baby, you really got the works.”

She moans, “You don’t mind, do you baby?  I needed it sooo badly and it cost me next to nothing.”

Poor, naive hubby

You pull out your cock and stroke it, listening to your wife gobble up a fleshy, delicious cock.  The way she’s moaning and giggling as she gives it to that toy makes it sound like she’s having so much fun.  She describes how soaking wet her pussy is getting, too, and that she may shove it in her pussy next.

While you’re revving up to cum, she starts saying some weird things to that cock.

“Mmm yes, I want you to cum on my face.  My cheating, slutty face.  Spray my whore face with your thick, nasty cum.  Mark your territory. ” You can tell she says the next part with her mouth hanging wide open. “Fuck! I want that load.  Give it to me, Ahhhh!”

You cum bucket loads at all the hot, nasty things she says. “Wow baby.  What a role play.”

She doesn’t respond.  Probably because she’s too busy swallowing another man’s jizz.

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