Cuckold?  You?  Naaaah Mark just a friend, baby.

I swear.  He’s only coming over to help me pick out a hot outfit for spring break.  Let’s face it.  You have terrible taste when it comes to fashion.  You always want me to cover up for some reason.  I can’t go to the beach in a turtle neck, honey.

But, no, I wouldn’t cuckold you.

Look what Mark picked out.  It’s that string bikini that disappeared a while back.  I wonder what it was doing in the back of your sock drawer.  It’s so small and skimpy.  The way the bikini top only covers up my nipples and the bikini bottom g-string slides right between my thick ass cheeks will make this perfect for sunbathing.  What?  You don’t think so?  Well Mark likes it.  Why can’t you be more supportive like him?

While I have him, I’ll ask him if he can apply some sun tan lotion on me.  Why am I not asking you to do it?  Well you have small, weak hands sweetheart.  You’ve never really been able really get in there.  You know, put some elbow grease into it.  But Mark here is a personal trainer and he soothes muscles all the time.  He’ll make sure I am completely covered from head to toe properly.  You don’t want me getting sunburned, right?  Actually, in a way, he’s like a doctor.  Yea!  Think about it like that sweetheart!

Mmmm.  Oh yea.  Right there.  Mmmm.  Ooooh this feels so good.  He’s not shying away from any part of my body.  See the way he grips my ass and squeezes?  The way he gives my huge tits and nipples a lot of attention?  And, oh my…mmm his fingers are in my pussy now.  Relax though, babe.  It’s because I’m shaved down there.  The lotion’s got to get on every part of my body so that I don’t get burned anywhere (yea…that’s it…).  Sorry.  “Doctor’s” orders.  Stop saying you’re a cuckold.  You are not a cuckold…oh shit…fuck…!

Don’t freak out, honey.  Mark says it’s perfectly normal to cum during a massage like this.  After all, his fingers really had to get in there.  And it’s been so long since anything bigger than his middle finger’s been anywhere near my pussy.  Yea…he knows about your little…deficiency.  And he’s surprised I lasted as long as I did.  Now it’s only fair that I return the favor.  What?  Oh now, don’t be like that, babe.  I’m always telling you that, when one person cums, the other person needs to get off, too.  I know you can’t help that you’re a 2-pump chump that shoots his load super quick.  No one’s blaming you.  You can’t help it.  You don’t have a massive, thick cock like Mark that can fuck for hours and shoot his thick cum into my hot, tight pussy.  What?  How do I know he has a massive, thick cock and what his cum would feel like inside of me…?

…Anyways, Scootch over, now.  I’m going to give Mark his massage now with my freshly fingered pussy.  Don’t worry, though.  It’ll only take, well, the rest of the afternoon.

Phone Sex