Forced sex to make straight guys bi

Force sex may have guys questioning their sexuality.

“I’ve been training your holes of weeks now, and you’ve gotten so good at sucking on and taking my strap-on.  Now it’s time for the real deal.  There’s just one rule; you can’t make any noise.”

Those were my instructions to you as you waited nervously in the living room for something you had been preparing for a long time.  Your spine stiffens and the front door opens, and several couples ever.  The women, all gorgeous, are clearly dominant just like I am, and they’re escorting their blindfolded boyfriends inside.  You’re sure they don’t know what to expect.

After sitting down, each woman teases their boy toys as they whip out their stiffening dicks.

“Crystal’s been training a little cutey to take cock.  She’s progressed nicely but has yet to try the real thing out.  You’re going to be her guinea pig.  Is that okay, sweetie?”

Each guy nods, certainly not about to turn down a hot fuck or blowjob.  You remember my words and don’t say a word as you crawl over to the first guy.  His cock is so thick and already dripping with precum.  You waste no time slurping up that cock and taking its whole length down your throat.  He moans, getting your own pecker hard, as you sloppily gorge yourself on his cock.

“That’s enough sweetie.  I don’t want him cumming yet,” his girlfriend instructs.

There is an audible groan of frustration from him as your lips leave his cock.  you repeat this process with the next three guys, giving them a little taste of your talented tongue.  They taste so good and you ache to let loose, but I shoot you a look when you start to touch yourself.  It isn’t time.

“How was she, fellas?”

They all nod in approval.

“Want more?”

No one refuses.  Suddenly the blindfold comes on and they stare down, not a beautiful, young woman, but a slutty little twink on his hands and knees.

“You can do anything you’d like with him, guys.  No one here will judge you.”

Their cocks are still rigid and scream out for release.  There’s no way they’re going to say ‘no’.

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