Let’s see if you can survive a world of forced sex

I’m not talking about the kind of forced sex that involves you tying a young hot babe. The kind of forced sex I’m talking about is you being the slave and submitting to whomever owns you. It’s a fantasy that will become your reality. You find yourself locked in a basement but your not alone there are others. Some of you chained, but some of you in cages. You can’t remember how you got here and when you look at your sore arm you see numbers. I have had a slave number branded onto your arm. Although it’s not completely dark, It’s fairly dim in the basement because there are no windows. The only bright light you see is when the door opens and your mistress walks in. 

Your a forced sex slave

Behind me are men but not your average menmen with money. Your Mistress is wearing a black latex top with a black matching tight skirt. The men behind me are wearing business suits and really expensive clothes. Have you put two and two together yet? All of you men that are not in cages are lined up naked. A man passes by each of you one by one, staring you all up and down. The man approaches me, and we leave entering into another room. After a few minutes I come back stopping in front of one of the men in line. I snap my fingers and a man covers his face with a black cloth sack. He’s carried away to an unknown location. Throughout the hour your lined up again and more slaves disappear to the unknown. 

Your chosen

On the second hour you get chosen and your face covered with the black cloth sack. I remove the sack and you find yourself in a room shackled at the feet. I stand before you with a whip and a man sits across from you in a chair. My whip slaps against your ass, you scream and I tell you to shut up. The man in front of you is jerking off while watching. You don’t listen because you scream again. Now I have to punish you and I kick you to the floor and force you to suck that guys cock. I hold your face down on his dick listening to you choke and gag. Your only let up for one breath of air before shoving your face back down on his cock.

Forced bi sexual something I enjoy to the fullest, ready to be my next slave? Do you want to wait for more or are you brave enough to let me show you whats next? The best phone sex ever!! Even if you are new to phone sex and have no clue how to have sex you call me and I’ll take it from there.