How to have sex with your sister in law

She’s hot right? When you see her at family gatherings all you can think about is her riding your cock. I’m going to tell you how to have sex with your sister in law without getting caught. First off pay attention to the signs because the last thing you want to do is get caught. She’s flirty right? You always make her laugh and sometimes she even nudges your shoulder. Maybe always finds a reason to be around you and has those I want you inside me eyes. Have you felt her hand brush against your leg under the dinner table? Yeah there is a big reason she wants to always be near you. She’s waiting for the right moment but you need to let her know you want her too.

It’s your move

So your wondering how to have sex with your sister law now that you know she wants you. Now your going to flirt back, brushing your hand against her leg under the dinner table. She’s going to look over at you smile, and bite her bottom lip. This is it, it’s how you make your first move. There will be a lot of secret flirting and when you see her walking outside while looking back at you, follow her. Your both alone, there is kissing, groping and dry humping. It’s too late to turn back now but you don’t really want to do you? You tell your wife you have a “work” call and you must leave but insist she stay. This assures you know where she is the whole time.

Incredible sex with your sister in law

The two of you leave and no one sees her leave with you. Take her back to your place after all your wife isn’t home, fuck her in a car, or bring her to work. Where ever you take her it, the sex will exceed your expectations especially since it’s been building up. She’s much more open to sex positions than your wife and she even sucks your cock. She does everything your wife stopped doing. And before it’s all over you release a huge load inside your sister in law. Now you know how to have sex with your sister in law without getting caught. Key is to knowing exactly where your wife is so you can fuck off around her. Have you fucked your sister in law? I’d love to hear your sister in law sex stories.

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