Tease and edge through Guided masturbation

So your a sucker for guided masturbation? Yeah me too but watching you squirm gives me pleasure. My favorite way to edge and tease you is through guided masturbation. I want to watch while you touch yourself they way I tell you to. I’m ready to watch you jerk off how I want you to. Pull out your cock and do some long slow strokes for me. Can resist the desire to speed up until I say? Keep those strokes nice and steady or else I’ll take that hand away! It’s not too bad at first but the longer we go the harder it will be. How long can you go stroking and edging? Because I can tease all night. I strip down to my bra and panties while your still slowly stroking. Remember keep stroking SLOWLY. Do as I say and get a BIG reward.

How bad do you want me?

If you made it this far without cuming don’t go patting yourself on the back just yet. Now things are going to get a little more difficult. Stroke a little faster, but not too fast. A nice medium pace is exactly where I want you! But I’m ready to get naked and watch you squirm. Removing my clothes and rubbing myself is a little mean but you want that reward don’t you? Your not aloud to speed up, your not aloud to touch anything other than your cock. Watch me while I watch you. I’m just rubbing on the outside of my pussy but it makes you fantasize about me inside me, doesn’t it? Your wondering how tight I feel. Stop stroking and squeeze your cock that’ll give you and Idea. Start stroking that medium pace again and keep your eyes focused on me.

Think about all the sex we could be having right now and how you might get it if your a good boy.

The tease is REAL

Is it getting hard? Then stroke faster. Fuck your hand like you would my pussy while you count to 10. After 10 take your hand away and relax. I told you guided masturbation was fun! Well it’s fun for me torture for you but I love it. Now grab it again but this time call my phonesex hotline and let the real fun begin. You do want your big reward don’t you?  Want to experience something a bit more extreme? I know a way to drive you wild with forced sex.