RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Public Sex

Public Transportation Sex – Late Night Subway Rides Have Advantages

Do you know the trick to subway sex? It is all about being discreet while fuckin...

Sex And Chocolate

Sex and Chocolate – Along With Other Girls Are Things That Get Me Wet

Odd things when listed together? Not for this kinky cum slut. I love sex, chocol...

Kinky Robot Sex Doll

Kinky Robot Sex Doll – Her Perfect System Will Rock Your Meat Stick.

So many men and so many cocks. And, as a kinky robot sex doll, I am here to serv...

Teen FinDom SPH

Teen FinDom SPH – You Will Pay Me To Humiliate You and That Tiny Dick

When you are as hot as I am, you make the most of it. For me, I love getting all...

Sensual Power Trip

Sensual Power Trip Has My Tight Young Pussy Wet and Ready for Fun.

Being a young hottie has many benefits. In fact, it allows me to act badly whene...

Wet Dream Raping Fantasy

Wet Dream Raping Fantasy Gives Me Nocturnal Orgasms and Wet Panties

I know this sounds crazy but I am having the strangest dream. Of course, we all ...

Winter Weather Incest Sessions

Winter Weather Incest Sessions With Daddy Keep Me Warm and Toasty.

Baby, it’s cold outside but I am warm and toasty inside. Of course, I am n...

Shoe Fucking Fetish

Shoe Fucking Fetish Gets Me All Hot and Bothered

Men that love feet can be so different. Some love to caress and lick your feet. ...

Sexy Dream Lover

Sexy Dream Lover – Coming to You Even When We Are Sleeping.

Go on and lay back, baby. I want you to enjoy yourself tonight. Don’t you ...

Unparalleled Sensual GFE

Unparalleled Sensual GFE With Your Favorite Girl on a Romantic Getaway.

James is an interesting guy. He and I have been hanging out for a while now. He ...

Hypnotic Foot Fetish Control

Using Hypnotic Foot Fetish Control to Get What I Want From Him.

Being in school for my master’s can be expensive. Additionally, my love of all...

pantyhose fetish

Pantyhose fetish and All the reason I love to wear them!!

It’s great that we both have a pantyhose fetish. They are sexy, don’t yo...

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