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Getting off work early, I head home expecting to have time alone at home. Of course, Mom and Dad are at work and I thought my brother is as well. However, it seems, he is using this time to play in our mommy’s dirty panties.

I am very good at ruling over guys with my wet panty fantasies. It is just surprising to find my brother in my mom’s stuff. Sure, I know he is a total freak and perverted like me.

However, I did not know he was my naughty panty boy brother.

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So, my naughty panty boy brother is going to do whatever I ask so I keep his dirty secret. At this moment, I am not sure yet what I want from him. First, he is going to keep the panties on.

Then, he is going to get down between my legs.

Since I want a relaxing afternoon, it is going to start with him eating my pussy and making me cum. Once the shock wears off, he is immediately begging me not to tell mom.

And, I quickly explain I won’t tell her as long as he does as I tell him. Of course, he agrees. I tell him I want a pampered afternoon and he is going to eat my pussy for starters.

What a good naughty panty boy brother he is too. He goes to take off the panties and I tell him, no. I want him to continue to wear them while we play together.

He isn’t sure about it but knows he now has to do as I say.

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I have him lay on his back and start rubbing it through the satin panties, driving him wild. Then, I pull the panties down and suck that big rod. While his eyes are closed, I get in my drawer and get my big vibrator out.

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His eyes pop open as it touches his naughty panty boy brother butthole.

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Naughty Panty Boy Brother