The perfect gift, before or after the holiday jazz.


An erotic naughty Christmas Story for us 18+. This is just the thing you’ll need to put you in the mood before dealing with everyone. Let’s get you hot and heavy.  Are you set? Let’s get this party going.

On This Morning Is When It Started

You’re still asleep and you’re having the best dream. In it, your dream is your crush dressing in the window as she always does. From her shower to her bedroom. She starts and then stops once she sees you stroking your hard cock. She’s gotten used to it over the years. Watching you almost get caught by your wife sometimes.

After playing with her nipples she throws on a robe and goes downstairs, across the yard, and is at your back door. You don’t want her to knock. Your wife is in the basement with the others watching TV and talking and the events of today. You speed down and are surprised by what you see. Her there, open robe, and a soft voice saying “I have your gift”.

You got that on one drunken night you left $500 on her car shield. You rush her to the mud room. Closing the door but you’re still in shock. She is standing there, naked now and rubbing her hand up and down your shaft. You admire her perky tits, tight body, and green eyes as she slowly sinks to her knees. But wait, there’s a soft knock. You both freeze, then comes a harder knock.

Hun, are you in the spare bathroom?

“Um, yes”, you say as you look down, shaking your head. While your hot next-door neighbor is looking at you and smirking while she still has her hand on your throbbing cock. You know what was about to happen. “I’m leaving for the store, my cousins are still in the basement”, your wife says. You say ok and whisper that your hot crush has to leave. She shakes her head now and slides your cock into her mouth while looking at you.

Going slow then you see her slide her hand in between her legs the more she sucks. It’s so wet. You close your eyes and then open them again just to realize that you are in your bed. But are you still in the dream because you feel her mouth? No, you look down to see your wife. She has your morning wood in her mouth and is bobbing up and down.

Tight And Hot Are What Dreams Are Made Of

It’s not your naughty Christmas story dream but damn if you’re not soooooo freaking turned on. You keep the visual of your crush in your head as you pull your wife up by her hair and to your mouth. Making her give you a sloppy wet kiss. Going in non-stop motion as you get her up with you off of the bed to the bathroom mirror. Kissing her neck as you bend her over the sink, hearing her gasp as you slam your cock into her.

Looking up you visualize it being her while looking into the mirror. Saying her name in your head while thinking about how much tighter, perkier, funner it would be with her. But your wife will do. You love your wife but you need that spark and for now, the thought is amazing as you cum the hardest you’ve cum in months.


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