I’m also not so sure, you tell me.


I don’t have a label on my relationships, so I’d say this is one of my sex worker storytimes. I won’t say how many people I hook up with but I will say that I do have my share of fun experiences. This one day was just like any other day. I’d finished my last class at the same time one of my lovers did. Per usual, I caught a ride home with him and to pay the toll I sucked him to completion. He fed me a massive load too, which was weird because a little before and while sucking his wide, 6 inch cock he told me he’d just finished having sex with his girlfriend. I have to admit this one thing.

I always love tasting her off of his cock cause she tastes so good. When I arrived home I was surprised that a package I didn’t know was coming. I opened it to see that it was a cock mold of my favorite cock. I can’t see him as much as I want to, which kills me so he made a cock for me from the shape of his cock. The best professor I have had to fuck me in his living room while his wife slept for the past two years. We would have so much sex in my school, his car, outside, and parking lots that his family caught on to him. He has to play nice guy now. But that doesn’t stop the contact.

One of my wildest sex worker storytimes

Receiving this package almost threw me off. While showering after a long day I heard noises throughout my place. I stood there frozen and then realized I had an ongoing, consensual kink affair with my landlord. That doesn’t stop my heart from racing heavily. As I towel off I feel a rope snatch my feet up. I’m caught before hitting the floor and then thrown onto my bed. This time was a surprise to me since I saw two of them. While closed in their black from head to toe I can feel one of their huge thick cocks slapping my face. This was a part of our consensual kink that we love.

I can feel myself turning red just before seeing his massive cock. My landlord stood on the other side of my bed laughing. Saying “We wondered for a time if you could take my military friend’s cock”. I opened my mouth to answer but he shoved his cock right down my throat. I’ve taken a huge cock but this one was massively wide. He didn’t seem to mind my teeth slightly grazing his cock as he banged my throat heavily. I laid my back with my wrist and ankles tied, taking two big cocks for hours resulting in me being covered and filled with cum. They untied me and fell with “here whore”, throwing money on my nightstand. “We’ll be back”, closing the door behind them with a sleazy wink of their eyes.

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