I can’t help that her stepdad has always had a crush on me.


My bestie didn’t want to work at his law firm and this is how the workplace love affair started. It took her exactly two months and 5 days to convince me to work for him. The pay is great and there are benefits. She was in love and lived too far to make it work. Although I’m spoiled at home, I did want to make more money to start my business. So after giving in, I gave Mr. Lee a call. 

For a 54-year-old man, he kept in shape. He played college and high school football and let’s just say I’d lick him from his toes to his forehead. I started that upcoming Monday after Thanksgiving and was slightly nervous. You don’t understand. My friends and I used to talk about all types of crazy shit we’d do to him. I have masturbated to this man and to be working underneath him brought a new set of obstacles that I was ready for.


First day on the job and turning heads.


I showed up the next day wrapped in a very large scarf and a knee-length pea coat on my petite frame. Mr. Lee met me at the front desk, rode the elevator with me and walked me around the office before telling me to put my things down and come to his office. I was to work as his receptionist so my desk was in front of his office. I slowly took my things and placed them down. Once I got to my coat, well actually the last button he couldn’t stop starting. 

I wore a short sleeve deep red blouse that had a scooped neckline, a below-the-knee pencil skirt with a slit up the left thigh, and black ankle red bottoms. He stuttered as I sat down in front of his desk. He told me more about my duties and more. These went on as usual in any office. I found the people there to be quite welcoming. But I was also very turned on all day long. Mr. Lee looked scrumptious in his Italian-tailored suit that fit just right. And when he had his coat off with those cufflinks shining I couldn’t stop staring.


This is when the workplace love affair started


After lunch, I decided to start the workload that I had for the next day. I got so into it but I had a few questions. I thought no problem to just walk into Mr. Lee’s office. Once I did I saw his chair turned around, facing the opposite of his desk. I walked in slowly and saw that he had on headphones. But WOW, he had a girthy cock in his hand and was stroking it. He didn’t even see me right there. 

I couldn’t help it. I stared and he must have felt me there because he opened his eyes. He didn’t get startled or anything. Just looked at me with those dark green eyes and kept stroking. I was so sure that he saw my hardened nipples showing through my blouse. 

You won’t believe what happened next.


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