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Well, I can tell you, it will be a blast! And, I am looking for strong men that are dreaming of putting a baby inside me. I even put a pillow under my shirt so I can pretend.

However, it would be so much better to be with a guy and feel his seed going into my womb. What an amazing feeling to experience that moment with you. Knowing we are conceiving.

Is hot impregnating fun something you think about too?

If so, we should be talking. Then, do much more than talk. Seriously, can you imagine being with a barely legal hottie like me? Furthermore, getting to do everything without limits.

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Get prepared for the next hot impregnating fun we will be having. Although, I don’t want you wasting too much sperm when you are away from me, baby. I want you to save it up for my womb.

You and I are going to have bun in the oven soon.

I love the way you come into my house and kiss me passionately. Then, you start rubbing your hands on my body. You can’t resist me. Then, we are naked in my bed in no time for hot impregnating fun.

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Hot Impregnating Fun