Our family recipes are yummy and luscious. Of course, we love using “special” ingredients to make our holiday meal super flavorful. It is truly an incestuous Thanksgiving feast!

Along with the amazing meal, we have other fun together as well. To get those “special” ingredients, we ladies have to do a lot of cock “milking.” Mom is a fan of my grandma’s recipes.

Using Grandpa’s jizz in a lot of the dishes is what made them so fantastic. Because everyone loves them so much, my mom and her sisters are carrying on the tradition.

Why not, it is a fantastic incestuous Thanksgiving feast.

Considering we play together year-round, now we are putting their delicious cum to good use. It has health benefits. Well, that is what my father and brother keep telling me.

And, we are always wanting them to try their jizz. Now they can do it without it being so weird for them. Hell, they don’t even know they are eating it! Neither does Grandpa!

Of course, only the women in the family know our secret ingredient that makes our holiday meals at the incestuous Thanksgiving feast awesome. We just tell them it is the seasoning.

It is funny how they talk about us being hornier this time of year.

All the men in the family laugh about November being the hand and blowjob month. That we always want to jerk them off and not swallow for some reason. Hahaha.

We joke and say, we can’t help ourselves. It is similar to sex and chocolate. For me, I love chocolate on a pussy and eating it up! Trust me, we do a lot of that at our incestuous Thanksgiving feast too!

Although, it is sometimes Grandma’s chocolate pie on one of my cousin’s pussy’s, not pure chocolate. I drive my cousins wild with my great skills.

Lots of tasty incest sessions at our incestuous Thanksgiving feast!

Honestly, after the feast, the menfolk are hornier than ever! It is almost as if eating their cum gets them all fired up for some intense sex. And, with us all there, we have a ton of fun.

Now, that we are all grown, we have lots of skills to share. Many of the cousins have been off to college around the world. Of course, they are quite skilled in the sexual realm.

They are fantastic lovers and bring so much to the incestuous Thanksgiving feast after party. Then, there are more experienced family members adding their part. Honestly, we all of us add something to make it awesome.

After some wild sex sessions, we are all ready for leftovers.

Those men are happy to put away more of the cum loaded food dishes. In fact, they seem to gravitate to those. A lot of times, there is barely any food left after we have our after-dinner fun.

Some of the cousins stay to play all night long. Of course, I have room for a few in my room. Ray and his sister, Jackie is staying to play with me tonight. We go into my room and don’t waste any time.

We take the incestuous Thanksgiving feast fun to my room. Jackie and I start sucking Ray’s dick. Then, she moves down to eat my pussy as I am working his cock.

Oh, she has been improving her skills!

Then, we get on my bed. Ray wants to help her go down on me. Of course, I am not going to object. The night is still young and we are too! Want the dirty details? Call me for some super hot phone sex!

Cum Slut Spit Roast