Odd things when listed together? Not for this kinky cum slut. I love sex, chocolate, and shopping. Even more, I love sex and chocolate at the same time.

There is something so sexy about warm, liquid chocolate on my body or my lover’s body. It is so sensual when a man or woman is licking it off of my shapely body. Especially, my perfect titties.

Of course, I will happily dip your cock into the chocolate and suck it off. Then, on your balls and butthole too. All that chocolate will be yummy to eat off of your body.

After all that fun with sex and chocolate, you take this diva shopping.

Yes, I love to go shopping with a nice Daddy who loves taking care of my fashion needs. And, if you buy me beautiful things, I will reward you in so many ways.

Of course, those ways are going to be sexual. You can take me back home and have me any way you want. Yes, really. I am open to all your sexual desires after a hot shopping session.

Furthermore, if we use sex and chocolate again, you can do even more with me. If you like, I will even have a hot girlfriend over to join us. Like me, she is into the fun with chocolate.

Just imagine me between her legs and chocolate drenching her pussy.

I love the taste of them mixed together. Of course, you can share in the fun of cleaning all that chocolate up or you can fuck me while I am doing it. She will be gorgeous, just like me.

We can pour that chocolate all over your body and clean you up as well. Two beautiful women rubbing their bodies on yours and then, licking all the chocolate off of you.

Pretty hot, right? Two drop-dead ladies here to please and play with you. That is if you are willing to be kinky with us. We love our sex and chocolate together. It makes us so much wetter than regular sex.

Are you up to the task at hand?

Can you handle both of us and our kinks? If not, there are plenty of real men that can. It takes a man like that to meet our needs as well. A man with a big hard dick and open-minded too. As a queen cock sucker I am a size queen.

Of course, if you are not that man, we are still willing to play with you but be prepared. No sex and chocolate for you. Furthermore, if you have a tiny dick or are a loser, we will eat you up. Similar to my humiliation phone sex.

I am amazing at SPH and all things loser when I am doing calls. It is a thrill, making grown men weep. Haha. Guys can be just pussies. Big babies that can’t handle the truth.

I prefer real men and hope you are one of them. My body craves kinky fun with sweets and sex. Which are you? A strong, open-minded man with a real cock or a pathetic loser?

Call me and let’s have some fun!

Sex and Chocolate