I love waiting up for Santa. He is one of my favorite people, and making him happy is such a joy. Of course, his gig is bringing joy to everyone else. So, it is nice doing it for him with a slutty Santa surprise.

Okay, to be honest, I am a bit of cum slut so I love it too. Getting to meet the big guy and play with his rod is awesome. I sometimes wonder if he has other naughty stops.

Of course, none of them have my skill level at sucking cock. Nor, do they have a barely legal tight body like mine. Nope, no one is making Santa as happy as I am on Christmas eve.

It is a thrill seeing his huge cock bulging through his red pants ready for his slutty Santa surprise.

He comes through the chimney ready for me, that big meatstick pressing against the material of his pants. And, it gets my tight teen pussy wet with excitement.

I don’t know why, but I have always had a crush on Santa. When most kids are excited about the toys, I am thinking about what he is like without the red suit. And, if he will play with me.

So, when I got older, I started waiting up for him to give him his slutty Santa surprise. Sure enough, we had an immediate bond and now, every year we have our dirty fun.

Hearing him do his “Ho Ho Ho” as he is cumming is so hot!

When he arrives, I drop to my knees and pull out that giant dick. Wrapping my hand around the shaft, I expertly start licking and sucking it. He starts moaning as I work it.

Consequently, it turns out Santa has a Puffy Pussy Obsession and he loves mine. It is fun making him wait for it during the slutty Santa surprise. I play with his cock for a while longer.

Then, I slip out of sexy nighty so he can see my beautiful young body in the dim lighting. He loves going down on me. So I happily lay down on the sofa and let him do his thing.

We both win during my slutty Santa surprise.

He kisses me and works his way down my body. It tickles and feels amazing as he is sucking on my tits with his mouth and his giant beard and mustache. Of course, that is what makes his pussy eating amazing.

I spread my legs wide and he spreads my pussy lips. He is an expert with my kitty. I love how he uses his fingers, lips, and tongue on all of me and my ass too.

It was great to learn he is a dirty man during my slutty Santa surprise. That is what makes me so wet and ready for him every year. He is doing his thing with my pussy and I cum hard and squirt all over his beard.

He is ready to enter me now, and I am more than ready for his big dick.

Santa puts my legs on his shoulders and starts sliding that rod into my tight pussy. Oh, that feels amazing! Yes, Santa fuck me like the bad girl I am!

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Slutty Santa Surprise