When you think it is supposed to be all yours.


Then it comes to light that he took my man. He didn’t just take me man either. This fucker plotted on how he would do it. I can’t believe I didn’t see the envy in his eyes when I’d talk about my BBC. All caps baby, because Mr. BBC is well-hung and heaven-sent. It would be best to tell you the story of how all of this happened from the beginning. I’d been banging Mr. BBC for a month and I was in love.

He was a traitor

You know what they say, good dick gets you sprung. It wasn’t my first BBC but damn sure was the best one. I would share all of the sexy tales with my bestie, bi guy friend. Ok ok ok, we did get freaky from time to time. I was his first pussy fuck. Don’t worry about thinking that it wasn’t good because I had Kellz begging for it when he couldn’t get some cock. He always told me how I’d be the complete package if I liked strap-on play.

But anywho, I would share how Mr. BBC made me squirt, cum on command, used his tongue on me, and more. Let’s tell you, Mr. BBCknew how to wear me out with his tongue way before putting that bologna pony on me. Just thinking about it right now has me wanting to take my EX bestie up on his offer. We’ll get to that later.

EX BESTIE because he took my man and rubbed it in my face

Just laying here in my bed right now where the BBC master would hang me off the edge to suck him while he ate me is driving me crazy. But back to how it all went down. After the first two times of me telling my bestie about the sex he started asking more and more about just the sex we had.

At first, I thought it was because it wasn’t giving him this good box but I found out differently when Mr. BBC randomly said I don’t know who sucks cock better, you or your best friend. I kicked him right out of my bed. Not that night though. I had to prove who the fuck I am in the bed. I gawked on that BBC and explored more sex positions and even video footage than before. So after getting my pussy pounded like none other I told him to leave in the morning. I promptly talked to my bestie and found out that he was two-faced. Because he said that it was just once. A week or two goes by and while getting ready for Mr. BBC I get a video message of my bestie getting pounded from behind.

An hour prior, my bestie wanted to nut in me. I guess since I turned him down he wanted to act like the idiot he is. Guess what, I didn’t even say a thing because I got something for him. I don’t know if I’ ’ll stop having sex with Mr. BBC though because his cock is that good.


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