Working part-time at a bar is a great way to meet hot college buds. Especially since it is fall semester time again. All the sexy college peeps are back for school.

All the over twenty-one people love our bar to party and hang out. Of course, I am wearing a sexy tiny tank top and daisy duke shorts. Showing off my fine tight body.

Therefore, I get both guys and girls checking me out while I am working. In fact, I make sure to wear the tiniest shorts I own to work. That way I meet the hottest of people to play with.

In fact, that is how I met my latest set of hot college buds.

These guys are toned and tan from a summer of fun. Of course, I am super ready to show them some of my skills. I make sure I reeled them in the first night we met.

The bar is hopping busy and I am showing off my fine ass as I am waitressing. We are getting hit with a huge crowd tonight and everyone is in a party mood. And, they are all feeling flirty.

Of course, I am always in that kind of mood and flirt back and earn my tips. Then, Mick and his hot college buds arrive at the bar, ready to party. They are all gorgeous too.

They grab a table in my section, and I zoom in to serve them.

Indeed, they waste no time and are chatting me up as I am taking their first order. A lot of the college kids come here only to drink. Hell, some of them even sneak in their own booze.

Not Mick and his friends. They order food and drinks from the start. In fact, they seem different from the usual class of students we get in the bar. More responsible and polite.

I like this set of hot college buds from the get-go. As I serve them over the night, all five of them are flirting and chatting me up. I am enjoying their attention. Of course, five guys is a cakewalk for me to take at one time.

 And as it is getting close to closing time, I let my new hot college buds know this.

It is fun to see their reactions. Moreover, it is interesting to see if they take the bait. And, not disappointing me, Mick is quick to respond. He shoots me a sexy smile and asks if I am daring them.

Smiling back at him, I say, “I am just letting you know that it doesn’t have to be just one of you that ends up with me tonight!” They are all stunned and also smiling.

Then, Mick looks at me and asks if they are coming home with me? “Sounds like a great plan to me. Indeed, I would love to bring you and your hot college buds back to my place,” I say.

I don’t tell them yet how much I love hot bukkake gangbangs!

I am going to let them figure some things out for themselves. We leave the bar and go back to my place. Once there, I tell them to undress and let me see their cocks.

Luckily, I am not disappointed. They all have nice dicks. Then, I put on some decent music and do a little striptease for them leading them into my bedroom. We all get on my bed.

I and my new hot college buds start making out. I have all their dicks in my face. Sucking one and stroking the others. It is going to be a wild night for sure!

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Hot College Buds