He says that he’s a sissy but isn’t sure.


We became friends while panty shopping at my favorite boutique. I’m the type of girl that will get panties from any and everywhere but I go to her for my very sexy panties. Girl, you know you need those very expensive panties on those special occasions. Haha! Anywho I met my sis friend Bryce while shopping for an upcoming date with a very special guy. Like a girl, he was a full-on sissy all dressed up and buying panties for the same reason as I. The conversation flowed so well that we left to go on our first lunch date.

I love love love that our friendship developed so quickly. My special date was the following Saturday after meeting Bryce and that Sunday morning we were on the phone gossiping about it girl. We giggled and shared our sex stories. Bryce had a sexy date as well and can you believe that neither of our men was good at sex? We joked about the lessons we can teach them and more. After getting ready for the day we met up for pedi’s and mimosas. Nothing better than a “Self Care Sunday”, with sex toy talk added.

Sex and best friends, what more can I ask for?

Over the course of two months, we were besties. I loved that I could share my sex life with Bryce even though I could see him coming every time. I started to call him out on it jokingly. It never failed that he would deny it. Until one day I trapped him and told him about the hottest sexual things I’ve done, but in person. It was movie night at his place and I started to tell him how I dated a DJ. While he spun the records or whatever they did I either sucked or bent over for that cock.

One night he had a big show which meant people were everywhere. I came on the stage where he was and started sucking his cock. By the way, the way the stage was set up you couldn’t see me. The thing is the security and people working there did. Once I was done I left for the restroom to get cleaned up only for seven men to walk in there with their cocks out. Hoping for anal sex as it’s my favorite. Girl! I sucked them all and gave them my sweet box of mine.

From panty shopping to strong his sissy cock

While telling Bryce this story he tucked himself under the blanket and even though it was dark I could see his hand moving. In a quick motion, I snatched the blanket back and saw his hand in his pants. “You’re not slick”, I told him. “Pull your pants down if you want me to finish the story”. When he did I saw his 5-inch skinny cock which was so cute. Yes babe, I get back into telling my story as he rubs his clit dick. Soon I will take over.

More so rubbing it, squeezing his balls, and fingering him which he liked the most. When I got to the part of the guys sneaking me out back to the limo because I had so much nut on my face. I two-handed him. One hand on cock the other in ass. As I fed him his pre-cum I told him how I snatched the condom off and sat on a big 8-inch thick pickle cock and then sent Bryce overboard. He came so hard. I licked it and opened up a new lever to our friendship other than panty shopping.

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