This idea is not as outlandish as you may think.

I excel at being the embodiment of the perfect GFE meaning. Of course the sexy as well as diverse embodiment of it. My sweet voice with its hypnotic tone will completely captivate you. After or before a long day at work I’m the medicine that will relax you and make all of your worries seem to vanish.

No matter what your situation is on the other end, I’m here to love and adore you. Nagging is completely out of the question for me. I am a lover of great positives vibes. Why should you have to experience that after a long work week. I provide your beautiful oasis of levels of pleasure. You don’t deserve to have tension in your life. Your sweetest escape will always be with me, my dear.

The perfect GFE meaning includes someone that can hold a conversation.

I already know that you’d love to hear about me obtaining my Masters in the field of psychology but I’d love to indulge in you. Whether it’s cryptocurrency, stock, economical news I’m down to hear it and have some input on the matter. I bet you’ll feel really good that you may be able to teach me about trading or everyday things I may not know about.

I want to know every detail about your work. The environment, the people and what you think about it all. Let me help to ease the tension of what your job may bring. Your very own enlightenment guru. My hypnotic therapy always works wonders. You know with the slightest sound of my uplifting voice your spirit will sing praises. The perfect GFE meaning is what I provide with my recording for you as well.

You have to eat, so let’s go shopping.

A good girlfriend makes sure that you are feed and although we’re separated physically doesn’t mean that we can’t experience things together. Keep me in your ear as you go grocery shopping like a good boyfriend. I’ll tell you exactly what you get while we shop together. The perfect GFE meaning also means I’ll be right there in your ear to help you prepare it as well. I can never wait until you taste my delicious dishes.

I want to make three things happy.

As the embodiment of the perfect GFE meaning, I want to make your mind happy. Followed by your stomach which is the key to your heart. Last but not least you lustful rod. After all of the time we spend together I know that you want to passionately make love. I whisper how much I love you as the blood starts to flow to all of the right places.

Lay there in my favorite boxer shorts while I lay in my bed in your favorite lingerie. Touch everywhere my lips whisper for you touch to be and I’ll do the same. Let’s make sure the passion magmatism is felt through the phone as our bodies start to heat up from all of the passion. Eye closed and sensual breathing leading up to the removal of our clothes coming off. Or what lack of clothes we had on coming off.

Together we pierce through that sexual veil, opening up the flood gates of passion that we have between the two of us. As that spectacular member of yours hardens from the passion sparked by our love. Let those hands slowly glide down your body and touch where my hands are needed. Listen to me moan your name while we enjoy sensual mutual masturbation. While you keep in mind that I’m the best embodiment of the perfect GFE meaning. The explosion we have simultaneously connects us deeper as we lay there breathing and mumbling sweet words.

There’s more to our sexual escapades than that.

It’s all about being guilt-free. No limits zone baby with a perfect GFE like me. While we enjoy our lovemaking with small talks and cuddling afterward, we also love that kinky stuff too. Those paddlings, wax dripping, nipple pinching nights and sometimes mid-day breaks at work keep what we have thriving. You love receiving the panties I wear while we spend our time together. Oh, I love how romantic you are.

Are you ready for the best phone sex with your phone sex GFE.

Perfect GFE Meaning