ASMR sex sounds will take you beyond what you’re used to.

ASMR sex sounds are done in so many different ways that you’ve never thought of. One of my favorite ASMR sex sounds is blowing. Of course, this performance is on the more sensual side of sex as you may be thinking. First of all, close your eyes and think of the level of blowing and above all, breathing, done throughout sex. This is for those who have no clue to why blowing can be sexy. Let’s use the example of breathing because breathing and blowing are very comparable. Both are done through the mouth and when you do it in just the right way it makes you enter into another world created by that sweet bliss.

While going through the sensual motions of foreplay you will notice that you and your partner will express different levels of arousal through the mouth. Think of those sexy soft, pink lips slightly parted expelling air full of excitement and passion. As I’ve said, it starts with foreplay. The gentle touch of your hands on their bodies. Your lips touching in a gentle kiss. Lips starting to feverishly kiss down their neck, chest, stomach. Let’s go further into this ASMR sex sounds example

Open your mind and think of this ASMR sex sounds technique.

To start, your breath is soft and slow as you stare at your lover. You take in every inch of their essence as your breathing starts to get deeper and slower while looking at those curves that are perfectly accentuated by that tight floral strapless dress. A passionate spark runs through your body as you two make contact. This is followed by soft kisses and lip biting. Not let me take control!! You sit there as I straddle you. While my sexy blue-green eyes meet your gaze. You sit there listening to me breathing long, soft, yet intense breaths as I sit on your lap staring at you and sitting on the hard throbbing shaft. As you hear breathing get a little quicker Your breathing starts to match mines and In that very moment, you feel the warmth radiating through my soft sexy panties.

I melt myself into you as I hear your breaths get longer and deeper as I wrap my arms around you. my lips softly blow in your ear and hear your breath slightly quicken. My hips slowly grinding on your hardness as I blow into your ear. I blow long then follow that long blow by soft short blows into your ear. I’ve finished unbuttoning your shirt now. I now blow steadily from your ears to your neck. Back up to that sensitive spot just behind your ear and back down to your Adams apple. You watch me as I slid to my knees and continue blowing. Soft ticklish blows flow down your chest. I giggle a little from how you fidget as I blow on your nipples.

Listen…Breath…Feel now down the rabbit hole of ASMR sex sounds.

Your breathing increasingly intensifies because of my blowing as I slip your cock out of your pants. Slide your pants down all the way for me! Now part your legs wider for me babe. Feel the energy of my lips as they almost touch your balls. Feel the soft yet short blows that come from my mouth onto your balls. I lengthen my blows and I creep up to the base of your cock, certainly making you twitch. I blow and inhale deeply on the shaft on your cock as it stands at attention. You’re so turned on by my ASMR sex sounds and actions that pre-cum has started to flow.

I blow on the pre-cum creating a cool feeling right there on the head on your cock. As a result, your breathing quickens so drastically. You’re dying to grab and stroke your cock so bad but I’ve instructed you not to. No hands, just breathing my blowing. Can you take it? I circle the head of your cock with my blowing and can tell that you are on the verge of bursting. Those circular blows directly on the head on your cock speed up and your legs squirm. The second I take my breathing down to the base of your shaft you have the ultimate explosion, for that reason. Sit there in satisfaction as you watch it pulsate from the perfect ASMR sex talk.

ASMR sex sounds are all around perfect.

ASMR phone sex is great for us as we play together. You moan and breath deep while touching your cock. I moan and breath for you as I play with my kitty. My moans are great but let’s intensify our ASMR phone sex with the sound of my toy going into and out of my wet kitty. My body tenses up even more as you let me hear how hard you are. You already have the best phone sex with me but because there’s a way to always make it better, let’s go for it. Above all, I know the exact secret!! Take a listen to how sexy it is.