My nephew, Ricky, is a great guy, most of the time. Today he is on my last nerve. His girlfriend and I like to play together and he loves watching. However, he is being a dick. So, it is time for some giantess auntie fun.

Normally, when we are playing, he is just fine watching. However, this time, he is wanting to jump in with us. Now, don’t get me wrong, he and I are good at having sex with each other.

I am just in the mood for some kinky lesbian fun with his girl, Tanya. She has a hot body with big tits like my fine MILF titties and is so good at eating pussy. Way better than my nephew.

Since he is being an asshole, it is time for giantess auntie fun and some shrinking down.

This sexy aunt comes with powers. Of course, I consider it an amazing gift that I can fuck with those who piss me off. Today, Ricky is getting my wrath. While he isn’t looking, I throw some potion in my cup and hand it to him.

He thinks he is just having some of my quality bourbons but he is actually drinking my favorite shrinking potion. Lucky for him, this one is only temporary.

Not all my giantess auntie fun is short-term. If the wrong guy gets on my bad side, I can shrink him down and it is permanent. Not only that, I will keep him in a jar forever.

Those little fuckers are my playthings.

Luckily, for Ricky, he is just going to be a toy for Tanya and me today. We are going to use his tiny little body on each other’s pussies. Before we do that, I convince her to put him in her stockings.

She takes them off, then lets him drop down the right leg. Once he is down at the foot of her hose she slides her feet and legs back into them. She squishes him with her foot.

I love this part of my giantess auntie fun. This time I am letting Tanya squeeze our little guest between her toes with the nylon. We can hear him squealing as she is moving him around.

Now, it is time to take our giantess auntie fun to the next level.

We pull Ricky out of the stockings. First, I start rubbing him on Tanya’s clit as I am fingering her pussy. Then, I take his tiny body and start shoving him in and out of her pussy.

She is moaning loudly as it is pure heaven. Of course, his flailing arms add to the pleasure. I pop his head into her asshole as I finger her and suck that clit, giving her the first climax of our day.

Now, she is going to use Ricky on me for the giantess auntie fun. Tanya is feeling wild and shoves his tiny body right up into my cunt. Fuck, that feels good!

She is fucking me with him like a living dildo.

Then, she has the idea of attaching him to a strapon and fucking me with it. As she starts going in and out, I am ready and start squirting all over Ricky, the strapon, and Tanya.

And, it is just the start of our fun this afternoon! Time to call me for some fetish phone sex so you get all the dirty details!

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Giantess Auntie Fun