Do you know the trick to subway sex? It is all about being discreet while fucking. Sounds crazy, right?! However, to have public transportation sex requires skill.

You may be asking, “How do you know this?” Well, my playmates and I love fucking on the subway late at night. For me, it isn’t just the thrill, it is how amazing their cocks feel during the fun.

It would seem that men’s dicks react during a tense or risky situation, especially if my tight young pussy is wrapping around it. I love feeling the way they react as we try to discreetly fuck.

Public transportation sex can be risky and hot at the same time.

Of course, I love all kinds of sex. I do my best to find new and fun ways to have a good time. One of my favorite fuck fests was our Halloween sex party. Using hypnosis, the girls and I get our way with the guys.

We were pretty intense with the boys. Although, most of them came time and time again that night. And, it was a group effort. Our subway sessions require more discretion.

In fact, the public transportation sex is usually just me and my playmate. We ride late at night and once we are the only ones on board, we start our fun. We start with me sitting on his lap.

Then, we take our time to be careful but enjoy each other.

I slowly grind on his crotch as he explores my body with his hands. We do this for a bit to see if it is going to be safe for more. Of course, it is usually safe for us to take it to the next level.

He helps me slip off his lap and down to my knees. Undoing his pants, I wrap my hand around his hard cock. He is so ready for my mouth during our public transportation sex. I stroke and suck his dick with a vengeance.

My friend is moaning loudly as I work my magic on his dick. He can only handle my blowjob skills so long without cumming and stops me. I stand up, slip off and my panties.

Of course, I bend over to my toes so he sees all my goodies.

And, my goodies are gorgeous. He is rubbing my pussy with his fingers as I stand back up. Additionally, he is rubbing his rod too. I tell him I want to ride him now and I get into position.

My pussy is so wet as the head of his dick is sliding into me for our public transportation sex. It feels amazing as I go all the way down on him. He is a loud one as I start fucking that rod with all I have.

He pulls one of my tits out of my shirt and starts fondling it. No one else is on the subway with us as we truly start getting into it. In no time we are both cumming and I quickly slide off as the subway stops at the next location.

Similar to my hot phone sex, this subway ride was outstanding. I came so hard, he is wearing my juices home. If you are ready for a huge climax, call me!

Public Transportation Sex