It is true, I love a sissy. And, I love training them. Along with that, I love taking them shopping and showing them how to dress. In fact, it is a great time to see their dick and have my hysterical SPH fun.

Of course, they are usually little bitches and cry a lot. Yes, I tend to set the sissy loser off on a weeping session. Although, it is fun when they are begging me for mercy.

It is important to show them all sides of being a sissy. Sure, there is the fun, loving side. But, there is also the hardcore truth. Especially if they are packing that tiny dick.

I have to use hysterical SPH fun to prepare them for the worst.

A lot of times my sissy boys have little three to four-inch cocks. In truth, that is a clitty, not a pecker. It is my responsibility to help them own that truth. And, be happy about it too.

Look, they can’t change what God gave them. Equally, many of them want to work with it and become a sexy sissy that services men with real meat sticks. So, I am here to help them accomplish that goal.

My help comes with hysterical SPH fun. I just can’t help laughing at those tiny little rods. It is like they are stuck with a dick that didn’t grow up, even though the rest of their body did.

It hurts their feelings sometimes and other times, they are used to the laughter.

At least it isn’t as harsh as my teen FinDom SPH where I force them to pay me to be mean to them! I have no mercy on those men. It is beyond hardcore. These guys can laugh with me.

And, most of them do, in time. As they are more accepting of their true selves, they see the comedy of it. Not only that, they own everything about themselves and their bodies.

That is why I love hysterical SPH fun. It is about giving them the hardcore truth so it helps them in the long run. Together we bring out the sissy in them and help them shine.

My hysterical SPH fun brings them hot guys and tons of fun!

We start slow with the training and shopping. Depending on the sissy, I may wait to give them the truth. Giving them the hardcore treatment too soon can be a mistake.

For the ones I know are ready, I start right there in the dressing room. I start by asking where their dick is at in those panties? They start blushing. I start giggling.

It is time for hysterical SPH fun. Then, I force them to pull down the panties and show me. At first, they hesitate. I tell them to do it and there it is. 3 inches of itty bitty cock. Hahahaha.

Tears may even appear in their eyes as we look at each other.

At this point, I tell them, “You have a clit, not a dick and from now on, we will refer to it as such. Do you understand me?” My sissy will answer yes and we will continue shopping.

Of course, I continue with snide remarks. It is my job to tell him how sad his little clitty is and that isn’t a real man. That is why he has to live life as a sissy. What do you have?

Is it time for some hysterical SPH fun and humiliation phone sex? Call me now!

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