When you think of fall, do you think of snuggling up with a beautiful girl in front of a fireplace? Because I think of snuggling up with a guy. Those are my fall-time fantasies.

So, if you are thinking of a hot girl to share your cooler months with, you have found her. I am the best girlfriend experience ever. You and I can get to know each other.

I want to know all about you and all your secrets. And, if you would like to know mine, I will share them with you as well. That is what couples do with each other.

During our fall time fantasies, we are going to fall in love!

Just you and I spending quality time together. I love listening to you as you tell me about your day. You can also tell me all about work. I want to know what you do there.

Then, you can take me to our favorite restaurant. Someplace romantic and while we are there, I am going to play with your feet under the table. We can be naughty right there in the restaurant!

Our fall time fantasies also include some sexy fun too. You and I will just dance on the edge of fun in public. All the super-naughty stuff will happen when we get back home.

Of course, only if you want that, my love.

When we first get home, we can get into our pj’s and snuggle for a while. I would love to get under a blanket on the couch with you. We can watch our favorite shows before going to bed.

In fact, we can watch your favorite shows. Then, we can go to our bed together. We climb in and snuggle deep into our big comfy bed and our fall time fantasies take a sexy turn.

Our bodies are close to each other. Then, we start making out and exploring each other. You are whispering to me I am the perfect GFE and all you dream have been dreaming of.

Of course, you are also perfect for my fall time fantasies as well!

We are a match made in Heaven and now our lovemaking will prove that even more. You start taking off my pajamas and kissing my naked body. Going down to my sweet pussy.

I love how gentle you are as you are giving me oral pleasure. You are so good at it you bring me to climax and I am cumming all over your face. I pull you up so I can kiss you and taste my juices.

Now, our fall time fantasies are getting truly wild as I undress you. It is time for me to climb onto your rock-hard rod and ride you, my darling. Your erection is for me.

Your love is for me and I cannot contain my love for you any longer.

I get on top of you and slide down on your cock. You go deep inside my vagina and together we are making sweet sweet love. I start calling out your name and telling you how much I love you.

Soon, together we are cumming in and massive climax. I can’t wait to share these fall-time fantasies with you! Call me for some amazing hot phone sex!

Fall Time Fantasies