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Gisele has a impregnation fantasy

Impregnation; His Very Erotic Fetish

Pregnancy Can Be Erotic Have you been looking for some impregnation phone sex, o...

Gisele likes small penis humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation; He Was Just Too Small

He Was Too Small And He Knew It Why would a woman date a guy with a tiny dick th...

Gisele Loves public sex

Public Sex; We Love Putting On A Show

We Love Putting On A Show Have you ever had public sex? It can be kinda hot! My ...

Gisele tells a steamy incest story

Incest Story; Satisfying My Horny Stepbrother

My Incest Story To Remember Growing up, I always used to enjoy teasing my younge...

Gisele loves tease and denial

Tease And Denial; Our Sexy Coworker Was Treated To A Trick

He Was So Hot But Very Cold I’ve always thought tease and denial were fun....

Gisele has a great cuckold story

Cuckold Story; He Watched As I Had A Real Man

I Was Involved In A Hot Cuckold Story Many of us that have been involved with a ...

true sex stories

True Sex Stories; I Had An Awesome Adventure

True Sex Stories | Free, Just for you. Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous...

Gisele tells a hot forced bi story

Forced Bi; I Made Sure That He Would Suck That Cock

Here Is A Forced Bi Story I was Involved In I’ll share a good forced bi st...

Gisele is a cheating girlfriend

Cheating Girlfriend; Enjoy Your Sloppy Seconds Baby!

I Never Intended To Be A Cheating Girlfriend I never intended to be a cheating g...

Gisele loves a girlfiend experience

Girlfriend Experience; A Special Night For My Sexy Boyfriend

Girlfriend Experience For My Sexy Boyfriend I love the guy that I’ve been ...

incest story from sexy Gisele

Incest Story; I Was A Teen Tease But Now I Really Wanted My Uncle

It All Started As A Harmless Tease My hot incest story began innocently enough. ...

Gisele has a very hot lesbian sex story to tell

Lesbian Sex Story; We Got To Know Each Other Very Well

I Never Considered Myself A Lesbian, But.. I have kind of a hot lesbian sex stor...

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