I Never Intended To Be A Cheating Girlfriend

I never intended to be a cheating girlfriend, but sometimes that’s just how things work out.  And I love my boyfriend, but there’s a very sexy guy in my office. I stare at him all the time and I think he’s noticed. He must know I’ve got the hots for him. We’ve flirted a few times and I was always happy to do so. Anyway, last week we both had to work late and we ordered food in. We had a bit of a dinner break and then had to work a few more hours. He asked me if I was seeing anyone and things quickly progressed from there. He knew he turned me on and I acted on it when he made a pass at me.

I Decided To Just Do It

We were all alone in the office, and I was not feeling shy, I can tell you. I walked over to his office chair and straddled him, my legs over the arms of the chair. My tits were in his face and I could feel his hard-on pressing against my ass. We were kissing passionately and his hands were all over my body. We soon stripped our clothes off, and I was soon bent over his desk. I could feel him drag his hard cock up and down the crack in my ass. It was dripping from his pre-cum and I spread my feet even wider apart. I encouraging him to slide his dick inside of me, and he did.

I Was A Cheating Girlfriend

He grabbed my tits and was caressing them, pinching the nipples. He drove his dick into my wet pussy and I gasped at the girth of him. It felt so good to be fucked by him. His cock was bigger than my boyfriend’s by a good deal and stretched me out. It felt wonderful. He continued to grope my breasts as we fucked. I was so wet as his cock slid in and out of me. It wasn’t long before he made me cum. He could feel my pussy cum on his cock and grip his shaft extra tight. He said he wanted to shoot his cum into me, and he did. And He remained hard and continued to fuck me until he was ready to cum again. He said he wanted to finish in my mouth for his second orgasm.

Cum In My Mouth

I got down on the floor and took his pussy juice-covered cock in my mouth, tasting myself on it. I licked and sucked the juicy tip, swallowing as much as I could down my throat.  And I then suckled on his balls, which only moments before had been slapping my clit from behind. I looked him right in the eye as he ran his fingers through my hair. He shot his copious load down my throat. I knew it was getting quite late. And I got dressed and so did he, and we went to our respective homes. I really enjoyed having office sex.

He Greeted His Cheating Girlfriend

So,I was a bit surprised when my boyfriend greeted me. He was apparently feeling quite amorous and practically swept me up the stairs. I had wanted to shower when I got in for obvious reasons. It filled me with cum, my pussy overflowing, I hadn’t brushed my teeth. He was all over me, his cheating girlfriend. I tried to get to the shower once he peeled my clothes off, but he said it wasn’t necessary. He laid me on the bed and kissed up and down my thighs and then he kissed my pussy.

For A Second I Thought He Would Know

I looked down, and he got a bit of a strange expression on his face. I knew he was tasting the other guy’s cum in me, but I don’t think he realized it. He continued to eat me out. He’d never gone down on me after he’d cum in me. He really wasn’t aware another man’s cum was now in his own mouth as he lapped at me.

He Was Getting Sloppy Seconds

I just laid back and enjoyed him eating my pussy. And  I figured what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. So what? I was a cheating girlfriend. He sucked at my clit and slide his tongue in and out of my cum filled cunt. Then he got on top of me and fucked me, unaware he was getting sloppy seconds. I soon had loads of two men inside of me. I felt like a real slut after my boyfriend was done with me. He soon rolled over and fell asleep, and I headed to the shower. It will be my naughty little secret.

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