Office Sex Can Be A Great Way To Let Off Some Steam

I’m sure many of us have worked in an office at one time or another. Many have also had some experience with office sex. Banging a coworker, or the boss. Recently I’ve had some hot times with my boss, and we don’t want the others to find out about it. His wife’s been away for months on business and he’s been lonely with no sex partner. I was later than average at work one night and thought I was the only one there. Obviously he thought he was alone as well. I was locking up, and I saw a sliver of light coming from under his office door. And  I opened the door to turn off the light. I thought someone had forgotten to turn it off. Well, we both got quite a shock. He was in their masturbating! This could very easily become a voyeur story, but no!

He Was Caught Beating Off

And He was shocked, frozen look on his face as flung open the door. I saw him there with his dick in his hand, slowly pumping it up and down. I just stood there for a moment, marveling at its size. And I then softly said not to stop on my account and I walked closer to his desk chair. He looked into my eyes, and instinctively I reached out and began to stroke it for him. I’d always liked him and knew he was lonely. I sure hadn’t planned on any office sex tonight, but sometimes things happen you’re not counting on.

He Had A Nice Cock

He had a nice shaft, meaty and thick. I slithered down onto the floor in front of him. Not a word exchanged. I took his cock in hand and stroked it up and down. Then I placed it at my lips and began to softly lick the tip, working my tongue over the eye. Tracing my tongue up and down the entire length of his hard cock. I went down to his balls and took one in my mouth and then the other. I suckled on them as I continued to pump him in my hand. He groaned with pleasure as I paid him this much needed sexual attention. He likely hadn’t gotten in God knows how long.

I Had No Idea Of How Sexy This Would Be

I could feel myself growing wet. Surely a damp patch was forming on my skimpy panties. I deep-throated him and he stopped me and lifted me up. He spun me around towards the desk and I leaned over it. I could feel my skirt being pulled up around my hips and my panties being lowered. And I eased my feet further apart to give him access. I then felt the head of his wet prick begin to nestle between my ass cheeks. Then down lower to my pussy entrance. I was sopping wet. His cock felt slick as it slid into me, soaked with my copious wetness. He plunged in all the way up to his sizable, cum filled balls.

We Had Just Had  A Meeting In This Room

It felt good for him to penetrate me like this, in the dimly lit office after hours. He started fucking me slowly, then went at a faster pace. We both were panting and getting closer to our orgasms. Office sex can be very hot. I flashed to a thought I’d only been in this office a few hours before. I’d been in a meeting with the entire staff. Now I was getting fucked in this same office, the cock of my boss buried in my cunt. If only they knew. I felt his hand wrap around my waist and drop lower to rub my clit as he pounded into me. I bucked up hard against him. He sped up his motions on my clit and I soon came and screamed loudly. I knew we were alone and would hear us.

There Was Passion And A Great Release

I felt the internal contractions gripping his prick and milking him into me. Suddenly he blew his load into my pussy. I felt splash after splash of his hot cum inside of me. Filling me up and dripping down my thighs. He collapsed back into his chair and pulled me down on his lap. Both of us catching our breath and not a word spoken still. It was fast, hot, and unexpected. I’m not sure if it will repeat, but it was a passionate encounter to be sure. Office sex can sometimes happen this way, out of the blue. I straightened up my clothes and left to go home. I left him in his chair, his pants still around his knees.

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