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Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous. I did that last weekend. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend,

Anything was possible. I wouldn’t be a cheating girlfriend. I just threw some stuff in a weekend bag and hit the road.  And I had no particular destination. I just wanted to drive and see where the road brought me. Did I end up coming back with a few true sex stories! I drive for around six hours and stopped for the night. I found this small place that was some kind of a bar with a small motel next to it. And I wandered into the bar for some food and it was kind of a rough-looking crowd there.

I was off for my own true sex stories adventure

It seemed to be mostly bikers and their chicks, but some single ones as well. My plate of greasy food arrived and after as I was having a beer, a man came over to me. He was handsome but kinda rough around the edges. He asked if he could sit down and I said sure, go ahead. We started talking and I told him I was having a weekend adventure. Then he asked if he could be a part of that adventure. He asked me to go outside and we walked a bit in the cool night air. He asked if I’d spend the night with him.

I was just in the mood to make our own true sex stories. Mmm

Normally I’m not really one for a one-night stand, but was in an adventuresome mood and I said yes. I told him I’d gotten a room at the motel next to the bar and invited him back. He walked me to the door and I let us in. He started to kiss me as soon as we were inside and our clothes were soon a pile on the floor. We got to the bed, and he laid me out spread eagle. He started to kiss from my feet to my pussy and back again, teasing me.

This Was One Of My True Sex Stories

He made his way up to my cunt again and this time slide his tongue into my wet pussy. I gasped as he tickled my clit with his tongue. I was soon squirming as I felt his hands grab my ass cheeks. He buried his face into my pussy and licked me to orgasm. He then crawled on top of me and pushed his enormous cock deep within me to fuck me hard.  And He put my legs over his shoulders and really drove it into me hard. I loved how he pounded me as we fucked so good.

I Felt Like Such A Whore

And I could feel him sliding against my clit with every thrust. And I knew I was going to cum again soon. The room echoed with our heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. He soon commanded me to cum, and I felt a rising excitement go up and down my spine. He said it repeatedly, making me feel like a whore. I came and hard, as he told me to do so. I grasped his cock with my spasming pussy and milked every last drop of his cum out of his balls. He came deep into my tight pussy.

True sex stories will make you cum hard – like me.

He pulled out of me and we each caught our breath for a moment. Soon he was offering me his hard again, cum covered cock, and I sucked it into my mouth greedily. Cleaning off his juices and my own as I sucked him hard. I drooled over it, looking him in the eye as I did. His fingers in my hair, pushing my face down harder onto his cock. I gulped and gasped as he fucked my face, his balls bouncing against my chin. He soon rewarded me with a mouthful of his cum, drops of it at the corners of my mouth, escaping. I swallowed it down and felt like such a slut. He left not that long afterward.

It Was An Adventure To Remember

True sex stories can often be unexpected and surreal. I sure never expected to hook up with some biker on a road trip I hadn’t even planned to take. It was hot and spur of the moment and I cannot say I regret it. I will likely never see that man again, we only even exchanged first names. It was fun and a memory only the two of us will ever know about. I drove off the next morning with a smile on my face. Thinking about my wanton night I’d never planned on with the handsome stranger.

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