Ass Worship Stories To Remember

have a great ass. Every boyfriend I’ve ever had has told me so. I’ve just been lucky to have such a great figure. This isn’t an anal sex story in the usual sense. My current man has a real thing for asses, mine in particular. He likes to rub my cheeks like bread dough in his hands and then kiss them all over. We went to a hotel for the weekend, isn’t hotel sex always the greatest? I’d gotten some sexy lingerie for him to enjoy me in. I knew he’d love how my ass looked in it. I was right, he sure did. He complimented me right away when he saw me in it.

I Loved To Wiggle It In His Face

Our weekend ass worship story started off to a good beginning. I did a bit of a striptease for him to get him going. I twerked my ass a bit and he went wild. Then I bent down and grabbed my ankles, his face towards my ass and I got to wiggling. He ran a hand up and down the back of my thigh and onto my ass cheek and gave it a squeeze. I swayed my hips, teasing him, and I could hear him groan with approval. And  I flipped the short-skirted edge of the lingerie up to give him an even bigger peak at my ass.

I Felt His Tongue Slide Up And Down My Crack

And I then straddled him and did a bit of a bump and grind lap dance on him. He was hard. He cupped my luscious ass in his hands as I was on his lap. I pulled my titties out for him to suck on and I could feel him squeezing my ass in his hands.  And I stood up in front of him and he was fondling my ass and kissing it. I bent over and let him worship my lovely ass. He parted my cheeks and ran his tongue up and down my crack. I felt a shiver go up my spine as he did so.

He Licked His Fingers

His tongue flickered at my asshole as his fingers massaged my throbbing, wet clit. It was stiff with excitement, and he knew how to stroke it to maximum effect. I practically purred as he did so. Occasionally slipping a finger or two into me to scoop up my copious wetness. Smearing it around my cunt and ass. He licked his fingers of the wetness, telling me how good my juices tasted. I knew they tasted good from having sampled them myself many times as I masturbated.

 He Was Rock Hard

I felt his thumbs really pull me open, making my ass gape for him. He then started to tongue fuck my open ass with all the penetration of his tongue would allow. He began working my clit harder, making me quiver with delight. And He sure loved my ass and my crack. He went from tongue thrusting back to up and down crack licking and back again. He rubbed my ass in his hands and he was rock hard. Then He said he never got harder than when he was worshiping my bum right in front of him.

He Was So Good With His Mouth

I loved his attention, and he lavished them upon me. His hands knew every inch of my derriere, and he brought pleasure to me nearly daily. He moved me to the bed and laid me on my back. He put my legs over his shoulders and feasted on my dripping pussy.  And He was hungry. Teasing my clit and then going back down to my ass. His fingers worked inside my cunt, feverishly now, to bring me to a thunderous orgasm. His tongue in my ass, his fingers in my wet pussy, clamping down on them. I knew he was going to bring me to an incredible orgasm any moment now.

Let’s Do It Some More!

He worked hard at his efforts and I soon spasmed in pleasure. When I came, I could feel him go from my ass back to my pussy. He lapped out my creamy wetness as I caught my breath. I came so hard even my asshole was contracting with my orgasm. He made me feel so good, he usually did. I knew in a moment after I’d caught my breath it would be his turn for pleasure. I was only too happy to return the favor. So that’s how my ass worship story ended.

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