He Was Too Small And He Knew It

Why would a woman date a guy with a tiny dick that’s into small penis humiliation? There’re several reasons. The guy I’m dating right now actually has quite a small penis. It’s very inadequate at fucking. There’s not a prayer he could make me cum from it. However, he has some good points. Many actually. Men with small dicks often overcompensate since they know they are duds in the bedroom. My boyfriend is great-looking, has a good, stable, high-paying job, nice personality. There’s one thing that’s wrong, though, and it’s really wrong. That’s his cock, and he knows it. Small penis humiliation gives me a lot of chances to explore other cocks.

I Showed Pics Of His PenisTo My Friends

He told me very soon after we met that he enjoys small penis humiliation. I was a bit unsure about what that would mean for us. He said he’d like me to still have an active sex life with other men. In fact, he likes it if I tell them about his shortcomings. He even tells me to show them a picture of his small penis. The first guy I showed it to laugh his head off at the size of the baby dick I showed him. He asked me what the hell I was wasting my time with such a loser that could never please me. He was packing around nine inches himself, so the not quite three-inch penis of my boyfriend horrified him.

He Is Great At Eating Creampies

Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is good at licking pussy. He’s actually great at it. He also likes it when I come home filled with another man’s cum. He really enjoys me telling him about my dates with other men while I make fun of his useless cock. I had a hot date last night. The nine-inch guy and I went to his house and fucked all night long. I started by sucking his huge cock. I can hardly get my lips wrapped around that beast. It’s so big. I drooled all over that massive, throbbing shaft and licked all the sweet pre-cum off of it.

It Was So Hot Taking it From Him

Then he got me on all fours and really pounded my pussy from behind. His balls are big as well, and he produces huge amounts of cum. I can feel it splashing inside my pussy when it shoots the massive amount of cum he makes. After it has filled me to the brim and sent home in my cum soaked panties, my boyfriend licks it out. It always amazed him at the huge loads of jizz that flow out of me. He literally dribbles a couple of drops from his tiny dick. The thick, white gobs of cum my lover produces are not even comparable to his dribbles.

The Cream Was Still Warm

While he licks out the still-warm cream from my pussy, I tell him all about how I was fucked. He likes all the gory details of our trysts. I tell him how my lover laughs at his little cock when I show him pictures. He just adores the small penis humiliation, even indirectly like this. I look down at him between my legs. Another man’s cum smeared on his face from ear to ear as he slurps it out of me. He’s given me so much. So many presents, so much money. He even set up a bank account for me he deposits into monthly. He’s kind of like a sugar daddy to me. A tiny dicked sugar daddy.

We Have Plenty Of Fantasies

When we go out to restaurants and different places, he always asks me if there’re any men I find attractive. Ones I could imagine fucking. I can usually find a couple I find appealing. Then when we go home, he goes down on me. He will ask me to spin a little fantasy about me fucking the man I saw earlier in the evening.

I Win In Every Way

Small penis humiliation can be fun for us both. He likes knowing I tell my girlfriends about his little penis. About how I’m only with him for his money and what he can bring to my life. They know I still see other men. They think I have the best of both worlds, and I kind of do. Sometimes I wish he had a normal or above-average cock to fuck me with. Then he wouldn’t want me to still see other men, I suppose. I guess we both have a pretty good deal now, the way it is.

I love doing all kinds of kinks. Humiliation phone sex is just one of the kinds of calls that I do.

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