It All Started As A Harmless Tease

My hot incest story began innocently enough. My uncle was always so nice to me. When I was younger, he’d always slip me some money or bring me presents. I couldn’t wait for his visits. When I got into my teens, I was a bit of a brat and wanted to see how far I could go. I’d flash him my tits, or bend over in a short skirt with no panties on. It was funny to see his eyes grow wide and not alert my parents. He’d get red in the face and act all flustered. Then he’d give me even more than he usually did. I thought it was a good way to tease him and get more money.

It Would Be Great To Be Alone With Him

We all went to go see him for a week a few months ago. I was really looking forward to it. One of the nights, my parents really wanted to go to a local restaurant. I wasn’t that interested and my uncle said he’d stay home as well. I knew we’d be alone for a couple of hours. We made the most of it. He poured us some drinks and we talked and flirted. He made his move and I let him.

I Wasn’t Wearing Panties

He reached over and placed his hand on my thigh and kissed me. I slowly parted my legs, inviting him to explore. He was surprised and delighted when he found me not wearing any panties. I was already wet for him. This incest story was getting hotter by the second. He found my clit and made little circles around it with the tip of his middle finger. It was all stiff and swollen and I further opened my legs for him. I bucked up against his hand and moaned as he fingered me.

I Was Drooling All Over Him

I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants. I soon unzipped him and freed his swollen member. He was dripping pre-cum, which I smoothed over his throbbing prick. I slid down to the floor and took him in my mouth, looking him right in the eye. I fondled his shaft and licked and sucked his balls. Then I went back to the slippery tip and flickering my tongue all over it. I deep-throated it and moved my lips up and down. It shoved further into the back of my head down, nearly gagging me, but I loved it. I drooled all over his cock and swirled my tongue all over it and up and down the sides.

This Was Hotter Than Fiction

He pulled me up and onto his lap, and I slid right down on his cock. I began to rock back and forth. He caressed my breasts, and my nipples were soon hard at his touch. I whispered to him I’d read an incest story the night before, and we were hotter! He took one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking on it. He grabbed my juicy ass in his hands and massaged my buttocks as we fucked. You could hear that wet sound every time I moved up and down on him. I coated his cock with my juices as they dripped over him and down onto his balls.

This Wasn’t Just A Tease, It Was Reality

I wrapped my arms around his neck and really was gliding back and forth over his dick so good. It rubbed against my clit with every movement. I adored having my uncle’s cock in my pussy. It felt so right. I’d thought of being with him for years when I’d masturbate. Now it was a reality. It was one of my young slut stories. We breathed heavily as we bucked against one another, relieving the sexual tension that had been building for years. He told me he always knew I’d be a hot fuck, and I was. His cock was even bigger than I’d fantasized it would be, and this pleasantly surprised me.

It Was a Hell Of An Experience

I moved faster and faster, seeking my orgasmic release, and he soon rewarded me. I swear I saw stars when I came on my uncle’s cock. My spasming pussy soon milked his dick for all it was worth when I came. I felt him squirt jet after hot jet of cum into me as we wrapped our arms around one another. We took a few moments to catch our breath. I told him as much as I’d enjoyed this, I think it really should be a one-time thing, and he agreed. It will, however always be a fond memory for us both.

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