He Was Definitely A Cuckold

If you date enough guys, you’re sure to have a cuckold story or two. I was working part-time as a barmaid and began seeing the boss. He was really good looking and fun and things were going along fine. Then one night he confessed his favorite kink to me. He said he loved to watch his girlfriends fuck other guys. He said nothing turned him on more, and would I be willing to indulge him? I was pretty mad honestly. I thought he wanted to be exclusive and maybe a commitment down the road. Now I’m just a live porn movie to him?

I Was Going To Have Fun With This

I told him if he wanted to do this fine, but he was gonna have to pay for it. And I decided then and there I was going to move back to my hometown. Lose this idiot and take him for all that I could in the process. He already had a guy picked out, one of the guys that worked at the bar. He was a great looking guy, so it was no sacrifice to fuck him. I was going to have fun with this. The date was set and the coworker came over after work one night. We had some drinks and started to loosen up. We began to kiss and I noticed my soon to be ex was getting quite the rise in his jeans.

I Came All Over His Hands

Poor sap, hope he enjoyed it, it was the last night with me he was going to have. I was really getting hot and heavy with the sexy coworker. Every once in a while I’d glance over and see him stroking himself. First over his pants, then he took his cock out and was full on masturbating. He was rubbing my pussy over my panties and making me oh so wet. I was moaning as he made me cum all over his hand. He circled my clit with his skillful fingers. I told him no one ever rubbed my cunt as well as he did. Of course, I looked over at my boyfriend as I said it.

He Tasted So Sweet

He wanted cuckold, I’d give him a cuckold story he’d not soon forget. I took the coworker’s cock out and started to fondle it and tease it in my hand. I took the pad of my thumb and rubbed it all over the head of his cock. Soothing the precum all over it, making it all slippery. I took a bead of it on the tip of my index finger and licked it off. He tasted so sweet. I then lowered my head down onto it and took his cock in my mouth.

He Was Bigger Than My Boyfriend

I began moving my lips up and down his shaft and popping the head in and out of my mouth. And  I could tell it was driving him wild. I told him he had the biggest cock I’d ever sucked, much bigger than my boyfriend’s. And  I also looked over at my boyfriend out of the corner of my eye as I said it. He looked a little pained, I didn’t care.

It Got Hotter Than Ever

I then got on all fours and my coworker came up from behind. He slid his cock up and down my wet slit. I said he teased better than my boyfriend ever did, as I looked back over at him. He popped in the head and I groaned with delight as he thrust into me rhythmically. I leaned down on my elbows so my ass was up. He gave it a smack as we continued to fuck. My boyfriend was leaning in as close to the bed as he could. Watching that huge dick go in and out of me. I liked being watched like this. I’d never been a part of a cuckold story before, but I was loving it.

It Did Not End As He Thought It Would

I reached under myself and started to rub my clit as I was getting pounded. My boyfriend’s hand was a blur as he rubbed his own dick. I’m sure he loved this, his girlfriend performing like this in front of him. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I sped up my fingers on my clit and exploded. My cunt clenched around the huge dick in my pussy and began to milk it. All of a sudden I was filled with bursts of hot cum. It ran down the inside of my legs. He pulled out and left not long afterward. My boyfriend and I talked and I said it was over. I don’t think this cuckold story quite ended up as he’d hoped with me leaving. He got to watch me fuck another guy, but this was the end of the road for us.

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