Gisele loves to punish her cuckoldI had a tiny dicked boyfriend

I had a tiny dicked boyfriend. He knew I saw other men on the side, since there’s no way he could get the job done of satisfying me. And  He usually heard about the details of my dates when I get home. He was away from the house on a business trip for a few days. So I figured it was a perfect time to have my lover come over for a few days. And we could play right in my house. My cuckold boyfriend knew another man would be sleeping in his bed and fucking his girl. And the idea made his little three inch cock very hard.

Surprise! Home A Day Early

However he happened to come home a day early. And came in right as my lover and I were taking a romantic bubble bath for two. Candles lit, soft music playing, wine flowing, and he walks in and sees us laying in the tub together, our arms wrapped around one another. His jaw dropped at the scene. I looked up, a bit surprised, but not upset. I told him we were about to get out, so he could dry us off. He looked shocked at my command. But he grabbed a towel and as my lover got out of the tub he toweled him down. And I noticed he spent a bit longer than needed drying off my lovers cock. I could tell he was getting a bit aroused.

I Told Him To Lick The Drops Of Water Off My Foot

My lover wrapped a towel around his waist and then I got up out of the tub. And it was I was now being dried off. I told him to take his clothes off. I was glad to see he still had on the chastity device I’d put on him before he left to prevent him masturbating. And I told him to get down on the floor. I then started to run my foot over his face, it was still damp. And I told him to lick off the droplets of water from my foot. I was kissing my lover as I did this. My cuckold boyfriend on the floor on his back licking water off my toes, it was quite the scene.

My Cuckold Boyfriend Watched Us From The Floor

I then pulled off my lovers towel and told him to fuck me. I put my hands around his neck and he lifted my ass in his hands. And  I wrapped my legs around his waist and he fucked me standing up, against the wall. He was thrusting nice and hard into me as my cuckold boyfriend watched on from the floor at another man fuck his woman, with a cock three times the size of his.

I was groaning as he pounded me against the wall fucking me. My boyfriend was so horny, I knew. But of course with his little cock cage on, he really couldn’t do anything about it but watch and wish it was him! My lover came in my pussy, and seeing as my boyfriend was laying on the floor already. I just went over and sat on his face. And my little cuckold boyfriend cleaning it all out of me as my lover laughed and looked on. I’m thinking maybe he came home a bit early in the hopes of walking in on just this sort of situation in the first place.

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