It Started Out So Innocently

You usually never imagine one day you’ll be embroiled in an incest story, but sometimes that’s how things happen. I always liked my father’s older brother, and after his wife passed away, he didn’t have anyone. He couldn’t drive and once I got my license, I offered to help him. He had me do all sorts of errands for him, and I was happy for the extra money. He’d lavish me with little gifts and cash, I knew he appreciated me. I knew he was lonely, he didn’t venture out much. One day he made a pass at me.  And He didn’t offend me and was a bit flattered.

He Made A Pass At Me

He asked me if I’d like to make even more by “doing more.” I got his drift of what he meant. I liked him a lot, I wouldn’t have helped him otherwise. It wasn’t as if this would be a teasing teen story.This is where I got involved in my very own incest story.  I felt bad for him, but he was a bit shy with the ladies, so it wasn’t easy for him. He confessed to me his favorite thing in the world was licking pussy. Wouldn’t I like to have my young pussy licked? What woman doesn’t love that? I smiled and said I’d be happy to have him do it if it gave him that much pleasure. I knew I’d get something out of it as well. He promised he was a very good pussy licker. And indeed he was!

This Was Turning Into A Wicked Incest Story

He stripped me down and laid me out on his bed and I spread for him. He kissed up my inner thighs and I could hear him softly groan with delight. I had to admit, it felt good. He lightly kissed my inner pussy lips and opened them with his tongue. I was soon breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. He found my clit and gently sucked on it. He placed my legs over his shoulders so he could really get in there. Then He placed two fingers in my now dripping cunt and worked them back and forth as he nursed upon my swollen clit. I was in heaven.

This Old Uncle Of Mine Had Real Skills!

He took his time and didn’t rush, unlike most boys my own age. He savored it and teased me and drove me wild with his tongue.  Then He quickened his pace, and I soon gushed on his face. He said it drove him crazy to deliver so much pleasure and excitement to a woman. I got up off the bed and leaned over his sofa and bent over. He entered my dripping snatch from behind and plunged himself into me. I couldn’t believe I had my uncle’s cock up my pussy. This was forbidden and hot all at the same time. He reached underneath and started to rub my clit as he fucked me. He had an enormous cock and it filled my pussy up very nicely. I could feel his cum filled balls slapping against me with every thrust into my pussy.

He Was A Horny Goat For Sure

He made me cum so hard and so well. My spasming cunt came on his cock, milking his cum into me. After he shot his load, I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Licking both of our sweet cum juices off of his cock. I loved tasting myself on a cock that’s fucked me like this. Men seemed to love it, so I knew my uncle would as well. I could feel him growing hard again in my mouth. He was a horny old goat for sure! He placed his hand on the back of my head and really fucked my mouth. It took a while sucking on him to get yet another load out of him. He didn’t cum as quickly as the younger guys I was used to, but that was fine.

I Didn’t Mind Being Spoiled In Many Ways

He said he loved our afternoon together and he hoped there would be a lot more of them. I said there would be. He gave me even more cash than usual for doing his shopping and errands that I did before I arrived. He said there was a lot more where that came from, and I know there is. He’s quite comfortable financially, so being nice to him isn’t only a good feeling. I know I will benefit from it as well, especially now that things have changed somewhat. He made me promise not to tell my father about our new arrangement. I said I’d never do that, it would be our little secret. So that is my hot little incest story about me and my sweet uncle.

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