A Teasing Teen Story That Has Maybe Gone Too Far

Lots of we wilder girls have been part of a teasing teen story in our teen years. I sure was. My friends teased their stepfather’s a lot of the time, but I took things a step further than that. I used to tease my stepfather’s dad. I even used to call him “grandpa” in a teasing sort of way. He knew he really wasn’t my grandpa, but he was always very nice and generous with me. I would flash him my perky titties or wear a short skirt and not wear panties on underneath. I knew I’d be rewarded with a bit of cash, or a present, or a dinner out in return. Give a little, get a little kind of deal.

I Knew I Was Pushing The Envelope

I knew grandpa lusted after me from the way he looked at me.  And I wondered how much I could get him to give, so I often pushed the envelope. I gave him a big hug and a wet kiss. I could feel him get hard against me.And  I knew I’d get something for my efforts and I always did. For most, a teasing teen story would be a bit more tame rather than having a grandpa in the mix. I always thought I was a bit wilder than most of my friends. This proved it. I told some of them and they were a bit shocked. Some thought it was a bit icky, but I didn’t care.

We Were Finally Alone

One night my folks were away and grandpa and I were the only ones at home. Our lust got the better of us. I had bent over in my nightshirt when I was at the fridge. I knew it was short enough he could see my pussy and I soon felt him come up behind me. He said I was a teasing slut as he grabbed my ass. I could feel my nipples harden with excitement as he grabbed me. I could soon feel grandpa’s hard cock between my ass cheeks. He bent me over further and I could feel his bare cock nestled between my pussy lips. I let him enter me and he began to fuck me. My tits were swinging wildly with every thrust of grampy’s dick. He was grunting and puffing and really pounding my pussy.

He Started To Take Some Control

I reached underneath and began to stroke my own clit. My fingers were soon very wet from my oozing cunt, and they felt great on my clit. He grabbed me by the hips and just slid his dick back and forth in and out of me. I could feel an orgasm welling up inside of me and I soon came on grandpa’s cock.

He told me to get on my knees on the floor in front of him. I did as I was told. I took his cock out, still rock hard and coated in my juices. He told me to suck on it and lick my wetness off of his dick. I deep throated it as much as I could. It was a big cock though, so I couldn’t take all of it. His low hanging balls smacked my chin as he fucked my mouth. He said he was going to finish in my mouth.

I Was Giving It My Best Shot

I opened as wide as I could and tapped his old dick on my tongue. He loved it. I then slid it in and out of my mouth, my lips leaving strings of spittle all over the shaft. It was as slippery as it could be and I knew his balls were filling up like crazy. I swirled my wet tongue around his cock and then went down to his balls. He loved when I sucked on them.

I stroked his cock as I sucked on them. Soon he was popping the head of that big cock back into my mouth. He told me to get ready for one huge load. I did. I opened wide and felt rope after rope of grandpa’s cum squirt into my open mouth. Down my chin and onto my tits, I licked it off. It was a very naughty encounter. After all the teasing though, I cannot say it was totally unexpected. Maybe your teasing teen story was a bit different than grandpa’s and mine. Teasing sex stories are always fun.  We had fun though, and did many times after.

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