As A Teen I Would Always Take My Boyfriend Home To Fuck

I know of many naughty teen sex stories. But one I actually lived out, and with my step dad. I never imagined events would unfold as they did, but things happen sometimes we’d never have imagined. This one time in high school this boyfriend of mine were at my house fucking. My mom was at work and I knew I had plenty of time and privacy. So we went to my room and we going at it, it was so hot. I loved feeling his cock in my pussy. Unbeknownst to me, we were not alone. After my boyfriend left, my step father pushed open my door and told me to come into the living room.

My Stepdad Had Been Listening And Watching All Along

I was mortified he’d known and heard, and possibly seen, some of what had gone on between my boyfriend and myself and I told him I assumed we were alone. He’d taken a different shift and hadn’t told me and he’d been in his room sleeping when our antics woke him up. He hadn’t let on he was home. He said he knew my mom would be very angry if he told her what I’d been up to. But he’d keep it quiet, but there was a condition for his silence. I was afraid to ask. He said he would keep my secret. But only if I allowed him to whip my ass and let him jerk off as he did. My mom could be a real vindictive bitch. So I knew his punishment was still preferable to hers, so I agreed.

I Knew That My Ass Cheeks Were About To Get Really Red

He told me to bend over the arm of the sofa and he took his belt off and doubled it over. I knew my ass cheeks were about to get really red, and I was right. He pulled back his arm and whipped me so hard across the ass it took my breath away. With his other hand he was stroking his rock hard cock, getting turned on as he whipped me. I was hit around a dozen times, and my ass was stinging like it never had before. This was not one of the more fun teen sex stories of my life.

My Pervert Stepdad Got What He Wanted

He whipped and whipped and I looked over my shoulder to see him stroking his raging hard on furiously as he did. And all of a sudden he stopped the whipping of my plump teen ass. I felt his warm, sticky cum squirting across my teen buttocks and drip down the backs of my thighs. I’d not counted on today unfolding like this, that’s for sure!

He kept his word, he never breathed a word of it to my mom. And I never wanted to get a whipping like that again. So my boyfriend and I found other places to fuck than my house. Teen sex stories are not usually like the sex comedies you see at the movies. They often turn out quite differently, but I managed. It was still better than my mom finding out about it. I bet he still thinks of whipping me that way and wishes he’d gotten to do so again.

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