My Friend’s Dad Had A Habit Of Giving Us A Spank  On Our Ass all The Time

When I was growing up I always spent a lot of time over at my friends house. Her family was really nice and her dad was something else. He was always joking around and sometimes he’d swat us on the behind as we walked by in a joking manner. He was a good looking older man, I always adored him. One night I went over to see my friend . And she and her mom had left for something that came up suddenly.  And I was turning around to go back home when he asked me to come in and keep him company for a while. I said sure and went in and he got us some drinks

.Gisele Ass Spank

His Spanking Suddenly Changed

I asked if he wanted a refill a while later. And as I got up to get the glasses and bent over the table to do so. He again gave me a little spank on the behind. Then he gave me another one, harder and I looked over my shoulder at him and he had a bulge in his pants. I then felt his other hand trail up the back of my thigh and caress my ass cheek. And then another playful spank. This wasn’t like the other times, this was slower and more deliberate, it was sexual. The mood quickly changed and while I didn’t see it coming, I was undeniably turned on.

He pulled me back so I fell into his lap and he kissed me and caressed my breasts, making my nipples hard . And my pussy wet. His hand soon snaked up my dress and I felt his fingertips teasing me through my panties, which were quickly dampening at his touch. He told me to stand up, and I did. Then he pushed me forward lightly and told me to hike my skirt up. I then was delivered ten hard spanks, which left me breathless. He then pulled me down over his knee. And spanked me a few more times, before slipping his fingers down between my cunt lips from behind and rubbing my clit. Which was totally slippery from my juices.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy and I slid down off his lap and reached up. And unzipped him and got it out. It was hard and the tip was glistening as I licked the tip.I then took the whole head in my mouth and then proceeded to deep throat it. As he had his hand on the back of my head, pushing it deeper down my throat. He told me to bend over the coffee table. And he stood up and slipped his cock into me from behind and gave me a hard fucking, spanking my ass a few times as he did.

I reached under and was toying with my hard clit as he fucked me. And it felt fantastic and it wasn’t long until I gasped and then came. With him then shooting his ropes of cum into my drenched snatch. I couldn’t believe I’d just fucked my friends father I’d known nearly my entire life, and I didn’t know what this meant for our future, or if it was just a one time thing, I guess I will have to wait and see, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.  Do You Like adult chat ?I am the best around!

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