We Love Putting On A Show

Have you ever had public sex? It can be kinda hot! My boyfriend is a real exhibitionist, and he got me into doing it in risky places. On one of our first dates, we were at this club dancing. He was kind of feeling me up on the dance floor, and I let him. It was as public as it gets. There were a lot of people crowded onto the floor and it was pretty dark other than the flashing lights. He literally had his hand under my skirt and was fingering my pussy as dozens of people danced around us. I feel slutty and aroused in that situation.

We Got More Daring Each Time

He said people were doing stuff in the corners all the time. He’d seen some girl giving a guy a blow job in the corner. A few weeks later, he had to go on a business trip and he asked me to go with him. It was the red-eye from New York City to Los Angeles and most people went to sleep. The cabin was pretty dark other than a few people with overhead lights on doing work or reading. He asked me if I’d suck him off right there in the seat. I looked around pretty hesitantly, worrying about getting caught and in trouble. I didn’t want air marshals arresting us!

Public Sex Was So Addicting

He pulled a blanket over his lap up to his chest and I ducked under it. I unzipped his jeans and took his already hard cock out. He was very horny, but then public sex of any kind got him going like nothing else. I lowered my mouth down onto his cock, licking at the head and easing my lips up and down. I wanted to be as quiet as I could. And I didn’t want loud slurping noises to alert anyone to my debauched happenings under the blanket.

I Was Able To Cum Easily

He was really restraining his sounds as well. He’s normally quite a moaner, and he wasn’t making a sound. I assumed he was biting his lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. I fondled his balls and worked my lips up and down. It soon rewarded me with a mouthful of his hot cum down my throat. I emerged from under the blanket and looked around, praying no one had seen. Everyone seemed to have drifted off and wasn’t paying any attention to us.

Public Sex In A Hotel Pool

When we got to his hotel, the balcony overlooked the pool. We were only on the second floor, not hard to see what we’d be doing if anyone cared to look up. He asked me to walk out with only a towel wrapped around me. He came up behind me and lifted the towel up. I could feel the breeze on my ass cheeks as the towel lifted. There were some people below in the pool, but no one was paying attention to us. He got bolder and slid his cock into my pussy from behind. He grabbed my hips and really started to ram it in me. I gripped the railing in front of me.

We Were Being Watched

I then noticed a woman on a chaise lounge chair looking up at us. And I mentioned this to my boyfriend fucking me and he said I should wave to her! I wasn’t going to be quite that obvious, but he continued on. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching as he pounded the living daylights out of my cunt. My towel slipped and was soon around my ankles. I was totally naked, and he was fucking me from behind.

It Was Exactly What We Wanted

The woman in the lounge chair pointed towards us and a few others stopped what they were doing and watched. I was too close to orgasm to move, and I came with the ones below, watching. My boyfriend shot his load into me and quickly withdrew. I dashed back into the room, shocked at our little balcony display. Well, he wanted public sex, he got some really public sex! This was a voyeur’s dream. Voyeur story it was not! I didn’t know how I’d be able to face anyone outside the room after that sordid little display. I was expecting the management to knock on the door and kick us out. That didn’t happen. It was certainly a business trip to remember with the handful of people watching us fuck in broad daylight.

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