I Was Involved In A Hot Cuckold Story

Many of us that have been involved with a guy with a tiny dick, get involved in a cuckold story. Whether on purpose or by circumstance, it can happen. I love my guy, but the fact is, he’s just not well endowed. He does his best to try and satisfy me, but as good as oral is, it’s an appetizer. Not the main course.  This new man that works at my office, the first day he started I noticed the bulge in his pants. It was big, and I couldn’t stop thinking about what was in those pants. I wanted to see it. He must have noticed me looking one too many times since I saw him smirk at me.

That Cock Made Me Blush

He walked by my desk later, grabbed his crotch, and shook it up and down while grinning. I blushed. He knew I was curious about the size of his cock. These sorts of antics ensued for the next few weeks until I had to see them. He pulled me into his office as I walked by one day and unzipped in front of me. I couldn’t stop myself from looking down and gasping. It had to be nearly ten inches. My guy was maybe four inches on a good day. This cuckold story was about to get a lot hotter. Small penis humiliation to start soon!

He Asked Me If I Wanted The Other Guy’s Dick

That night in bed, being presented with the four incher, I couldn’t help but giggle. I knew I made him feel bad, but I told him about what happened at work that day. He asked me if I wanted that cock. To suck it and get fucked by it. I nodded my head without saying a word. He told me he’d like me to be happy and he wanted me to have that cock. The flirting at the office continued and he asked me if I’d fuck him. I told him my boyfriend was only four inches and he burst out laughing. He asked me if I wanted a real man for a change, and I said yes, I did.

Tonight Was The Night for our Cuckold Story

I invited him over that night and my guy said very little, though he watched us both intently. After a couple of drinks, we moved to the bedroom. My guy parked himself in a chair by the end of the bed in the corner. He was watching as I sucked on that huge ten-inch cock. It was nearly as big around as a can of pop, I didn’t think I’d be able to take it all. I licked the tip and fit as much into my mouth as I did. I glanced over at my guy starting to stroke his little pee-pee. And I went back to what I was doing, with gusto.

My Guy Moved Closer To Get A Better Look

I could feel his balls hitting my chin as he fucked my face, my mouth so full of cock. He pulled me up and got me on all fours and came at my pussy from behind. I was dripping wet but questioned how that forearm-sized cock was going to fit in my pussy. He got it in and I gasped at how much it stretched me. My guy was watching at the bottom of the bed, he’d gotten out of his chair. Guess he wanted a closer look, and he sure got one. His little dick was standing at attention as he rubbed it. I was getting the fuck of my life. This cuckold story was getting hotter by the minute. My guy said how turned on he was watching.  And My lover just laughed at him.

He Pounded Me Harder Than  Ever

My tits were wildly shaking as I got my pussy pounded from behind. I knew I was going to have an explosive orgasm. He just thrust over and over and I was working my clit with my fingers. His massive cock was incredible in my pussy. I let out a cry of pleasure and came hard. His cock began twitching inside of me and shot his load of jizz into me. He pulled out and I flipped over on my back breathing heavily. My guy was soon between my legs, licking his still hot cum out of me. It was a night to remember, and I can’t wait to do it again. That ten-inch cock really did something to me.

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