Pregnancy Can Be Erotic

Have you been looking for some impregnation phone sex, or are interested in that fetish? I love talking about that fetish and have had several kids myself. So I know all about how erotic a pregnancy can be. Some love the idea of a risky sex. She might get pregnant scenario. The promise of pulling out, then just not following through on it. Every time you’re ovulating and have sex, that chance is there you might get pregnant. So many men love the idea of getting a woman pregnant, even when they know they shouldn’t.

Impregnation Is A Real Fetish

Years ago a boss of mine that was married had impregnation fetish. We fooled around many times, but I’ll never forget the one time I said I couldn’t. When he asked why, I said I was at my most fertile and it would be a real chance to be taken. I’m sure his wife sure would not have been pleased to have him get anyone knocked up. She’d have been livid enough to think of him fucking around on her. Let alone getting them pregnant. He practically begged me to fuck him after I said I was at my most fertile. He even promised me a huge monthly bonus if I’d agree. I needed the money, I did like him, and our sex was good. I knew it was a real chance, but I hoped for the best. That I wouldn’t get pregnant.

That night he came over to my place after work and he was all over me. I’d never seen him in such an impassioned state before. It was exciting to see him so aroused. There’s not a doubt about it. He was very attentive, even more so than usual. Impregnation was on his mind. And He went down on me like he was so hungry for my pussy. He said I tasted even sweeter than usual and was juicy, like a ripe peach. And He made me cum so many times I lost count. He finally slid his cock inside of me and I was on fire. His throbbing cock felt so much better that night, for some reason.

It Was Like A Russian Roulette

You have to accept it makes things heightened. That risk of impregnation, even if not trying for a baby. A kind of Russian roulette. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him so passionately, and he returned that passion. He said he hadn’t cum in a week and his balls were overly filled with his baby batter. I knew he wanted to flood my womb and hope one of his seeds would take root within me. It felt so good. I knew I wasn’t thinking rationally any longer. He nuzzled at my breasts and said how much he wished they were producing milk for him. That if he was lucky in a few months, I would be.

He wanted to drink from me and my motherly tits; he said. I knew I was about to explode with yet another powerful orgasm. This time I knew he was indeed going to blow his load within my pussy. I was fearful, yet excited at the same time. My clit was swollen, my wet pussy all sticky with ovulation discharge. His cock was coated. I knew this was it. Any moment, he was about to fill my thirsty womb with his life force. He thrust a few more times, and I was yet again sent over that edge of orgasmic bliss. Impregnation is part of the excitement.

He Wanted To Keep His Sperm Inside Of Me

I could feel my uterus contracting around his shaft, and I screamed out in pleasure. I could feel his sperm entering me after he shot his load deep within me. He just lay on top of me, still inside of me, as he went soft. He said he wanted to keep my pussy corked to keep as much semen inside of me as possible. This was his impregnation plan. We just lay there, catching our breath. Kissing one another, our arms still wrapped around each other.

Finally, he rolled off, and I could feel some of his sperm flowing out of me. Much more remained inside, though, and it would be weeks to see the results. I was on pins and needled for a couple of weeks, waiting to see if my period would arrive or not. It did, a couple of days late, scaring the bejesus out of me. I had to admit though, it was the hottest sex I ever had. It was definitely an erotic sex story.

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