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Extreme Dedication

Extreme Dedication: My Masochistic Sub With No Limits

I sadistically enjoy a sub whose willing to show their dedication in the most ex...


Cheating in a Church: Horny After Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday was never my favorite… till now.   We’ve all been through...

sucking off a stranger

Sucking off a stranger: My Vacation Sexcapades

Sometimes my mouth just needs a cock to suck and drain   I try my best to b...

The Perfect Girlfriend

Hire The Perfect Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Let Me Be Your Valentine This Year   As a well-seasoned phone sex operator ...

honest cock rating

Honest Cock Rating: From a professional cock-artist

I’ve seen so many cocks that I’ve lost count of them all.   If there’...

cum shooting contest

Cum Shooting Contest: Earning a Cum-Slut’s Heart

The perfect load of cum is a quick way to earn my heart.   I’m the kind o...

cum stealing fairy

Cum Stealing Fairy: Luring Men With Her Hypnotic Magic

I’ve caught you wondering, deep, into my woods.   I’ve spent many years...

hypnosis phone sex

My First Hypnosis Phone Sex Experience

The first time I experienced hypnosis occurred years ago, on a phone call with a...

cuckolding santa

Cuckolding Santa with Grinch Dick: Pleasing Mrs. Claus Better Than He Ever Could

a Cuckold Christmas Story of How The Grinch Stole Pussy From Santa   Every ...

Santa's naughty fetish

Santa’s Naughty Fetish Needs to be Punished: My Cum-Hungry Revenge

Santa is just a pervert, with a fat sack and a nasty somnophilia fetish   C...


My Cock Sucking Cuck Swallows His First Load

My hubby knows how much I love sucking big beautiful cocks   He’s so gene...


Brainwashing Sex Therapy: Using Hypnosis To “Fix” Your Depravities

You must be so exhausted trying to fight those depraved desires of yours… &nbs...

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